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Sports from WW1

Describing the sports that went on during WW1 on the home front.

Zach Dugan

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Sports from WW1

Hank Gowdy
Won a World Series in 1914.
Was the first Major Leaguer to inlist in the war effort.
Baseball Sports During World War 1
Christmas Day 1915
Soldiers from both sides of the trenches
Played a game of football in no-mans-land.
Bierie Flestead was the last survivor of the game and died in 2001 at age 106. Football
Baseball hit a major decline, the season was cut short by the government in 1918. During the early 1900's and the first World War, sports were affected greatly.
The war caused a decline in the people that participated in these sports.
However, sports helped make people develop leaderships skills and stay fit.
Many sports lost their professional athletes to the war effort.
Even after the loss of athletes, the sports continued on. Boxing!! Out of the three uber popular sports,boxing was the least popular. The last game played in 1918 was in Navin Field, aka Detroits stadium.
It was played on Labor Day of 1918.
The last ball was hit by Jack Collins and caught by Davy Jones.
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