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Purchasing & Student Activity Accounts

No description

Carla Lukach

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Purchasing & Student Activity Accounts

How do I get basic supplies?
Fill out a supply form located in the front office and Aracely will either put the order in your box or have it delivered to your classroom.
Where can we order supplies from?
1st place to look is in the district warehouse
What if it's not at the warehouse?
What if someone is
an approved vendor?
3rd Check to see if they are part of a Purchasing Cooperative.
What form do I use???
make sure you put
your name on the form

2nd Check out these approved vendors...
What forms do I use?
When you want to place an order from a vendor, fill out a requisition form and have your department head sign and give to me.
When you need a reimbursement, fill out a Form 1, attached receipts, sign and give to me
What if you want to buy from a company that is not on the vendor list or on a coop list??
Call Melissa Martin in purchasing @ 1048. She will either find another company or try to get that company on a coop list.
: You can only be reimbursed for items that were purchased from approved vendors and coops. Receipts must be turned in with 30 days.

Art Supplies
PE/Athletic Supplies
Office Supplies
Big Changes
You can only buy food and drinks at these stores!!!
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