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No description

Grace Chen

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of artweaver

Double click anywhere & add an idea Artweaver a free software
similar to Adobe Photoshop interface Palettes include

Brush facilitates experimentation with
different media e.g. oils, pastel, chalk
repeated pattern/images
layout (easy movement of separate elements) benefits filling a background with 'Gradient' tool click on 'gradient' tool in the toolbox

choose foreground colour by double-clicking here
(click to toggle between foreground and background colour) Layers
(keep different parts of drawing separate)

('undo' many steps at a time) 'Color Picker' box appears create a new layer by clicking on this button at the bottom of 'layers' palette drag downwards to fill the whole layer from light to dark blue drawing with 'Lasso' tool + filling with 'Paint Bucket' create a new layer for the seaweed Lasso Tool
click on the 'Lasso' tool
click and drag to draw a seaweed
let go to see the selected area Paint Bucket Tool
select the 'Paint Bucket' tool
change the foreground colour
click anywhere inside the selected area to fill it Reposition the seaweeds using the 'Move' tool
(everything on the same layer will move together) modifying position and colour To change the colour
of the seaweed
select 'Paint Bucket'
pick a new colour
click inside area to be filled with new colour Painting with the 'Brush' tool the 'Brush' tool is used together
with the 'Brush' palette In the 'Brush' palette, experiment with
different media
brush shape
brush size
etc. Just click and drag to paint Layer order In the 'Layers' palette, a layer can dragged above or below other layers drag the layer named 'sand' below the 'seaweed' layer and the sand appears behind the seaweeds in the picture plane drawing with the 'Shape' +
'shape selection' tools Use the 'Shape' tool to draw geometric, regular or pre-customed shapes alternatively, use the 'shape selection' tool to marquee desired area, then fill the area using 'Paint Bucket' putting the parts together create each part on a separate layer and name the layers by double-clicking on the layer in the 'Layers' palette use the 'Move' tool to place the parts together

rearrange the order of the layers in the 'Layers' palette...VOILA! 'Free Transform' + finishing touches use 'Free Transform' (under the 'Layer' drop-down menu/ Ctrl+T) to

Only the layer selected in the 'Layers' palette will be affected Click 'Apply' to complete the transformation or 'Cancel' use 'Magic Wand' to select a portion on the 'Seaweed' layer, then use 'Brush' to add highlights/shadows on a new layer on top of the 'seaweed' layer. This ensures that only the area within the selection is affected. the 'Magic Wand' tool allows selection of a continuous area of the same colour add patterns, highlights, shadows, etc
on new layers, using the 'Brush' tool + palette There are many more tools you can explore e.g. 'Filter' drop-down menu the possibilities are endless...
It's all up to your imagination! a tool for creativity
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