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Josephine Baker.

No description

Graciela Hernandez

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Josephine Baker.

Josephine Baker.
Harlem Renaissance.

Josephine Baker Life.
Freda Josephine Baker was born on June 3, 1906 and died by a stroke on April 12 1975 with the age of 68. Josephine Baker was given the nickname " The Black Pearl" and "The Black Venus". She grew up in different places being poor as a little girl. She is an African American dancer and singer which is her favorite things she loves. Many people back then loved her dancing and some of her songs, but mainly they found more interest in her, dancing jazz. Baker worked for French Resistance while the World War II was going on; Baker was mainly undercover on the behalf of the war. She was married 5 times and had 12 children, and some were adopted. When she came to visit the United States they were fighting racism, and she was treated the same way as every other person whom were colored.
What She Famous For?
Josephine Baker is famous for her dancing and singing. She is known for her vocal structure and her dance style. Josephine Baker was a entertainer which helped her dancing and singing, for her to become famous. Baker finally found out her one chance to get out of her life she was living in. Soon after many people loved her dancing and wanted more from her dancing jazz. She worked in clubs dancing/singing and also some other famous artist back then appeared and preformed at the same club she was in.
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Interesting Facts About Josephine Baker.
Baker adopted 12 children from different backgrounds and she called them the "Rainbow Tribe".

She spoke to the crowd with Martin Luther King Jr. at Lincoln Memorial on 1963.

She got married at the age 13 and went on tour by 14 years old.

Baker was the first black international superstar by the age 15.
Work Cited
Josephine Baker Dancing & Singing.
These are some of Bakers dancing and singing.
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