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Research Methods Lecture 4 Ethics

No description

Courtney Thomas

on 19 December 2016

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Transcript of Research Methods Lecture 4 Ethics

APSA's Ethical Guidelines
The American Political Science Association
Advisory Guidelines
Read this in its entirety. It contains important information for you as researchers, potential graduate students, and students.
What Kinds of Research Require IRB Approval?
ANYTHING involving human subjects
Focus Groups
Better safe than sorry when it comes to getting approval!
Example of an IRB Application
Why Do We Care?
Because so many who went before us did not.
We have ethical standards because there is a long history of unethical research in both the natural and social sciences.
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment (1932-1972) [US Government]
Nazi medial experiments
Zimbardo's Stanford prison Experiment (www.prisonexp.org/)
Milgram's Obedience to Authority
Autism-MMR Research
The Virginia Tech ORC
At Virginia Tech the Office of Research Compliance governs all research projects with respect to safety and ethics
Institutional Review Board (IRB) (i.e., human subjects)
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Before You Begin
Before you begin any research project you must consider issues of ethics and ethical research
Three concepts:
You will be completing the VT IRB ethics training AND reading the APSA Ethical Statement
Research Methods
PSCI 2024
Winter 2016
Dr. Courtney Thomas

Lecture 4: Ethics

Ethical Standards Today
For these reasons, universities, professional associations, government agencies, etc. now have ethical standards and oversight for all research involving human subjects
Often have special rules for "at risk" populations
IRB Training
In 2013 one of my undergraduate researchers and I completed an IRB application for research on hunger in America.
In the folder labeled IRB Example under the Resources tab in Scholar you can find our application. It was approved through the "fast track" system without revision.
The VT IRB provides a Human Subjects Protection Tutorial
You must complete this before you can participate as a researcher in any research that involves human subjects
Complete the training here: http://www.irb.vt.edu/pages/tutorial_intro.htm
SAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE! You will upload it to Scholar to get points for this assignment but you may need it later!!
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