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In My Hands By: Irene Gut Opdyke

No description

Rylee Searle

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of In My Hands By: Irene Gut Opdyke

Point of View
Author's Style
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6) The author had a very formal approach when she was explaining everything. She is very good at showing the audience what she is trying to get across. She words everything very professionally and is very precise.
Literary Devices
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5) The book was written in first person point of view because the author explained her experiences and she was there when it all happened. Irene helped the reader understand what exactly was happening and how it was happening. She gave details throughout the book that made it feel like we were there with her.
4) The genre of
In My Hands
is autobiographical. It is in this field because it was written by the girl who experienced the events, which was Irene Gut Opdyke. She explained everything she was feeling and how she dealt with it all in her book and gave great details.
3) A young girl named Irene was a student nurse and just beginning her life. The war went on and on, eventually she had encountered setbacks. Her life was going to be forever changed. The Nazi soldiers took everything away from her, family, friends, personal belongings, and her dignity.
After she experienced the tragedies she felt like she should fight back. She would do everything she could and in her power to help the Jews. She began by hiding food under a fence and progressed by giving info to Jews in the ghettos. She then began to smuggle them out of the camps into the forest. She was very much powerless but determined to free her friends and family from this evil the Nazi's brought.
The Setting
2) The setting was based in Poland because this is where the Jewish people were taken hostage by the Nazis'. The author Irene wrote this because she was there when the people were taken, that's why she chose Poland.
General Field or Genre
Growth of Characters
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1) The most important character of this book was Irene because she is the one willing to help the Jewish people that were hurt. She could also be considered the protagonist. The antagonists of this book are the Nazi soldiers who were hurting the Jewish people and committing the atrocities.
1) “Every day now, I found a chance to slip outside and leave food under the fence. I knew it was a drop in the ocean, but I could not do nothing.”
2) " It was as though the statue was watching me, lecturing me, mocking me for thinking i could get home" (pg 60).
3)" The basement was cool even in the intense summer heat" (pg 184).
4) " As often happened when the light was just so, his glasses caught the reflection and hid his eyes." (pg 203).
In My Hands By: Irene Gut Opdyke
8) Irene definitely showed growth throughout the book because she began to strive for greater things that would help the Jews. She did because she took the frustration and anger to do the better good. Irene showed that she really did care as she got older in her life.

9) Themes seen in the book are giving up what you have to help others. This is seen when Irene begins to give up what she has to help thew others escape the grasp of the Nazi. She also displays the act of hospitality to the extreme because she is very generous and doesn't care if she could potentially lose her life. She just wants everyone to be free from the tragedies that are occurring.

Purpose of Book
10) The purpose of this book was to explain the tragedies and events of the holocaust. It was showing how one girl could change a great deal of things by small acts of generosity and kindness. Irene wrote this to show how we all could make a change in someone's life by doing one little thing, she wanted us to know that it doesn't take a lot. Irene definitely accomplished this because she did portray it very clearly and the reader felt that is what she meant.
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Overall Impressions
11) The book was very well written and is inspirational. The reader enjoyed it thoroughly. The book was descriptive and painted a picture in the reader's mind. Irene definitely knows how to portray the point she wants to get across.
Why Was It Listed?
12) It was listed because the book sounded interesting and the back story sounded insightful.
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