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The History Of Animated Robots

A frendly Prezi and TV or Animated Robots

Joshua Steed

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of The History Of Animated Robots

The History Of Animated Robots
By: Joshua Steed
Robby the Robot
1962-Rosey the Robot Maid!
Rosey was the robot maid for the futuristic TV family the Jetson's. Although I've never seen the show it sounds like Rosey was the one who kept the Jetsons together.
That is Rosey
in the Jetsons.
10/7/15 Period 3
From 1956 to 2008 there have been many movies and TV shows with robots. The Jetsons had a robot named Rosey the maid and Disney's movie Wall-E was all about a robot in the future. I think animated robots are cool and creative and wanted to learn more about them.
Created for the 1956 Sci Fi film The Forbidden Planet, was Robby the robot. He is still working today and hasn't gone a decade without showing his "face".
1956, Robby
See you later!!
Hope you liked it.

My name is Joshua Steed and I'm excited to tell you about some robots in movies or TV shows. Robots like Wall-E, Rosey the maid, and even Iron Man.
In 1963, Astroboy!
Probably the most enduring Japanese animated robot character from television is the lovable Astroboy.
Also in 1963 Doctor Who's first met his enemies the Daleks...!!
In some circles (primarily British) they are considered the greatest villains of pop culture past and present. Seems they hate the Doc. a lot.
Rosey from the Jetsons
Daleks From
Dr. Who.
Retrived on 10/1/15
Author:Evans, Anderson

Retrieved: on 10/12/15
Author: unknown

The Star Wars movie and has millions of droids like R2D2, C3P0, Battle Droids, and ATAP's.
This was made in 1977!
Wall-E AND Iron Man
I don't understand a word of Japanese, but it looks like Astroboy was a robot hero.
In my research I literally came across hundreds of animated robots. I had to choose my favorites.
Big Hero 6
Star Wars
Iron man and Wall-E
Wall-E is the last one of is "kind".
He is alone trying to clean the world up while finding some great "treasures".
Wall-E stands for...

Earth class
Iron Man
Iron man is actually a billionaire named Tony Stark. He made a suit that helps him fly and shoot powerful beams out of his hands. He also has a robot buddy Jarvis which means, "Just a Rather Very Intelligent System."
Retrived: on 10/14/15

Big Hero 6
Baymax is the robot on the team to stop the micro-bots in the movie Big Hero 6.
Baymax is a big fat "marshmallow" that has a very thin exoskeleton inside of him.
I learned that animated robots can be popular in many places and that robots on TV is a popular topic because there is more than can be counted. I even learned what Wall-E and Jarvis means!
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