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Jackie Robinson Writing Contest

Jackie Robinson: The Player, The Man, and The Legend

Heather Peska

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson Writing Contest

Jackie Robinson
Read the Passage with your Group:
Day #1 Goal: I will understand what a barrier is, and how Jackie Robinson overcame the barriers in his life.
Professional Photo 1
Because of Jackie Robinson's outstanding season, he was awarded the National League Most Valuable Player of the Year award in 1949, after winning the Rookie of the Year award a few years back. This shows the immense talent that Robinson possessed and how he excelled on the field.
Professional Photo 2
For all of his greatest baseball achievements, Robinson was a great teammate and led the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers to their only World Series Championship. This is a picture of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers team.
Professional Photo 3
This is a picture of one of the greatest player in Major League Baseball history being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.
Professional Photo 4
While Jackie Robinson was fighting for civil rights, a fellow African American, Muhammad Ali, was on his way to becoming the greatest boxer in history; an achievement that brought Robinson tremendous satisfaction.
Professional Photo 5
This is a picture of Jackie Robinson meeting Martin Luther King Jr. On the field, Robinson was one of the greatest players ever, but off the field, he was an important figure in the civil rights movement.
Professional Photo 6
This is a picture of Jackie Robinson's wife and his white teammate, Pee Wee Reese's wife in front of their husband's statue. The statue depicts Reese putting his arm around Robinson's shoulder while fans were screaming racial slurs.
Professional Photo 7
This is a picture of a base on April 15th, 2013 as Major League Baseball remembers and honor the man who broke the color barrier.
Professional Photo 8
This is a picture of the New York Yankees on Jackie Robinson Day, all wearing the number 42 to honor Robinson.
Professional Photo 9
The most popular African American player in baseball, Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers, meeting with Robinson's widow, Rachel Robinson during the Dodgers tribute to Jackie Robinson, the greatest player in Dodger history.
Professional Photo 10
At Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, the number 42 is placed in the center of the main entrance, which is named the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. The rotunda, from the outside, is designed to resemble the main entrance to Ebbets Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Day #2 Goal: Through reading and class discussion, I will understand what values are and how they are important in facing barriers.
What is a barrier?
What does the word values mean?
Barriers can be seen:
Use text evidence to respond to the following questions in your Cooperative Groups:
1. Based on the first paragraph, why do you think Sharon Robinson wrote this article?

2. What is the main idea of the article? Provide details from the article to support your answer.

3. How did the color barrier prevent black baseball players from playing in the major leagues before 1947?

4. Why were Jackie Robinson's college statistics at UCLA and his accomplishments with the Kansas City Monarchs important for Branch Rickey?

5. Why was it important to Mr. Rickey that Jackie Robinson have the strength of character?

6. The article says "Rickey hoped my father would have the strength of character to fight back with his bat and not his fist." What does this mean?

7. What evidence in the article suggests that Jackie Robinson succeeded in breaking barriers in Major League Baseball?
Make a List: What are some other barriers that people face and how do they prevent people from moving forward?
Day #1 Homework:
Referring back to "About My Father", write a paragraph about what made Jackie Robinson a good candidate to break the color barrier. Cite evidence from the article in your response to prove your response is justifiable.
What were Jackie's 9 values?

Group Discussion Questions:
(Be ready to share with the class)
1. Explain the meaning of your assigned value in your own words.

2. Why is this an important value for people to have?

3. How could this value help people face and overcome a barrier? Provide an example.
Tomorrow, we will prepare to write essays about our own barriers, and how we have used Jackie's values to face those barriers.

Homework: Character is defined as features and traits an individual that reflect the sort of person they are. How do your personal value's reflect your character? How do a person's actions display his or her values and character? What does it mean to describe a person as having a "strength of character"?

What values that Jackie Robinson lived by do you think you most possess, least possess? Cite evidence to support your thinking.
Day #3 Goals: Today I canfollow steps to prepare and write an essay about using values to overcome barriers.
Step #1: Choose a Topic
Prompt: Identify a barrier you've faced and a value you've used to face and overcome the barrier OR a barrier you are facing right now that you'd like to overcome. Use details from the articles you've read to help you write your essay.

Be as specific as possible.
Ex. Saying you are too young, or afraid is too general.
Narrow your topic to "fear of failing" OR "Too Young to be in Little League"
Also, saying "courage" or "integrity" is also too general. Instead, discuss SPECIFICS of the value used. (Cite evidence)
Step #2: Write your Main Ideas:
Step #3: Create an Outline:
Step 4: Write Topic Sentences
Poem 1: Close Read &
Jackie Robinson…an American Hero By: Stanley Cooper
He never asked to be a hero
For him, playing ball would be just fine
Potentially his chance was less than zero
To overcome that black-white racist line

Unlike Duke, Dimag and Mickey
Jackie entered through back doors
The stage was set by Mr. Rickey
For Robinson to fight that Civil War

Sports, they say, mirrors society
So, they should have hung their heads in shame
For what was then America's propriety
Brought prejudice to every game

The Brooklyn Bums, at long last, found salvation
When Robinson's talents were revealed
With the awesome double-play combination
Reese and Jackie brought to Ebbetts Field

Stealing fan's hearts with baseball fire
Displaying skills in every way
Robinson played with such desire
Stealing bases most every day

They could never expect from him the expected
He turned the most racist hate to love
And finally he was most respected
Respect that came from more than bat and glove

For Jackie, baseball was more than just a game
He opened doors for Campy, Mays and others
Number 42, now in the Hall of Fame
Proved men of all colors could play in life as brothers

He never asked to be a hero!

Poem 2: Close Read & Analysis
Jackie Robinson Poem
This is a poem about the epic tale,
Of one extremely brave African American male.
He fought for what he thought was right,
And he never did start a fight.

Jackie Robinson played the field,
Though the negativity never ceased to yield.
He continued just as persistent as ever,
And how he handled things was quite clever.

Because if he succumbed to temptation at all,
The black community would have a great fall.
We all thank Mr. Robinson for breaking the barrier,
And making baseball much much merrier.

Poem 3 (Original)
Jackie Robinson—An Acrostic Poem
By: Vandan Patel

ool, Calm, Collected
ducated at UCLA

isk Taker
rooklyn Dodger
atural Athlete
wift and Speedy
pportunity for Others
ever gave up on his dream

42 The Movie - Have You Seen It?
"42", directed by Brian Helgeland, is a movie about the life story of Jackie Robinson. From his struggles to his successes, the movie does a great job in showing all the Robinson had to endure. The movie delves into the deep racial tension that occurred when Robinson player, but by the end, we see the impact Robinson makes on other players and american society. It is a fantastic movie! Take the time to rent it this week, if you can!
Outlines help us to organize our essays! For each
main idea, be sure you have details to support it.

II. A.

Work Cited
From Brooklyn to Los Angeles...
...Jackie Robinson's impact was felt throughout Major League Baseball and across the country.



What other barriers can you think of at can be seen? Can any be unseen? (ie. fear, not having skills, inexperience)

A barrier is defined as a problem
or obstacle that stops you from moving forward.
Values are: beliefs that are important to you and that help to guide your life.
With you group, discuss what you think this quote means. Be ready to share with the class.

Let's start with a 15 minute "FREEWRITE" today!
Be sure to include a sentence or two for each prompt below:

1. What was the barrier you face(d)?
2. What are some basic details about it? (IE. WHEN did you face it?, WHO was involved in the situation? Where did it occur?)
3. Which of Jackie Robinson's nine values did you use/can you use to overcome the barrier? (separate sentences for each of them)
4. How was your barrier like the barriers that Robinson faced? How was it different?
5. What was the outcome of using your values/what will they be if you overcome your barrier?
In this step, write topic sentences based on your outline. Generally, each topic sentence begins a new paragraph. Your supporting details follow and provide information and help explain your topic sentences.

Remember: Transition words should be considered when writing your paragraphs.
Contest Introduction:
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