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Swearing @ RBHS

This presentation explores staff perceptions of student swearing at Riverside Bookfield High School.

Alicia Duell

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Swearing @ RBHS

Sw*#!RING @ rbhs Original Faculty Student Management Survey Swearing = #1 Issue
But whose responsibility is it to address swearing?
Needed to get more specific information about the swearing problem Second Faculty Survey: Swearing-Specific Student swearing survey posted online; over 180 responses
Meet to analyze results of both surveys
Solicit input from student groups
Decide if a swearing initiative is warranted
Explore other schools' intiatives
Should an initiative be student-led or faculty and staff-led?
Are RB students interested in spearheading an intiative?
No initiative at this time? Wait for possible future character-building initiative? Where do we go from here? What other schools have done Swearing is a moderate-to-serious issue at RB
Swearing occurs throughout the building and in school-related activities
Swearing that occurs is often R-rated (as opposed to milder swearing)

Swearing is largely an annoyance
Students need to take ownership of this issue
Most students are not bothered by swearing
Results "Dare Not to swear" campaign Public Service Announcements To Be Continued... Student Swearing Survey For students who had self-identified as "Swearing A Lot"
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