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I Funny A Middle School Story. By James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

No description

Carolina Ramirez

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of I Funny A Middle School Story. By James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein

I Funny A
Middle School
Story. By James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein. 7/8p.

Main Characters.
- Jamie is the main character in the story.
- Pierce is Jamie Grimm's bestfriend. He's always supporting all of Jamie jokes.
- Gaynor is also Jamie Grimm's bestfriend. He has a nose ring & a tattoos.
- Stevie is Jamie's step brother. He's always beating up jamie & making fun of him.
- Uncle Frank is the owner of Frank's Pizza. He's like a dad to jamie. He loves to yoyo & cook at the same time.
- The Smiley's family, Jamie's parents, They never ever smile. They never laugh at his jokes.
Jamie Grimm signs up for the Greatest Kid Comic Competition. Jamie dreams to become a stand up comedian when he gets older. Stevie, his older brother is holding him back. He creates a nasty blogs & lies about jamie, because he doesn't want him to succed.
There's a kid name Jamie Grimm. He is very good at telling jokes. His Uncle Frank tells him to sign up for a comedy contest in New York. Jamie goes & sign up for the contest & he wins. Everybody was happy for him, but his crazy step brother Stevie starts a rumor about him winning,just because he's in a wheel chair. Then, Jamie signs up for another one & he wins again. He finally tells someone what really happen to him & how he got stuck in his wheel chair. Jamie got paralyzed & his parents & sister died. Jamie was the only one who survived. He got adopted by his step parents & in a wheel chair.
Jamie trys another competiton & he saw his step parents & everyone. Jamie won the biggest competiton he ever had. His step parents took him home & the step parents just laughed for the first time. Jamie was surprise when he heard them laugh, Even his step brother Stevie laughed. Both Jamie & Stevie became the greatest step brothers. Jamie was happy because he won & made his step parents laughed. Jamie is starting to like where he lives now.
The Setting.
-The story takes place in Long Beach, & New York.
-Also, it takes place in Jamie's house, his uncle Frank's Pizza & School.
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