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Location based services in tourism marketing

No description

Michaela Danková

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Location based services in tourism marketing

Location based services in tourism marketing

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
applications that concern all services linked to geographical location
travel companies are digging deeper into mobile app development as they aim to connect with consumers at all points during the travel journey
Location based services (LBS)
Growing mobile travel marketing
Examples of mobile apps using LBS
a new means of communication and promotion
Mobile services available on mobile devices:
a suitable instrument for spontaneous, ad-hoc access to information travellers need while being on the move
last-minute trips, rental cars and hotels;
information about changes and delays of flights and trains
guides on restaurants, events and sightseeing opportunities at the destination
4 primary functions of LBS for the traveller are:

(1) localization of people, objects and places,
(2) routing between them,
(3) search for objects in proximity such as restaurants, shops, hotels, or sights,
(4) information about travelling conditions,
such as traffic related data.

Services that support everything travelers are doing during the entire travel experience cycle, from planning to booking to sharing their experiences
apps that help people keep up and meet up with friends, and discover great places
for explorers who want to know about the best spots, and to share what they’ve found with others
"Whether you're setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying to pick out the best dish at your local restaurant, Foursquare is the perfect companion."
free mobile app for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry
sharing through your Facebook and Twitter accounts
founded in 2004 to help people find great local businesses like dentists, hair stylists and mechanics
On TouristEye, you can find ideas and tips for activities or destinations to help you plan any getaways or big trips.
for both short and long trips
all areas of the world, all kinds of activities (adventure, culture, food...)
Location Based Information & The Mobile Traveler
Mobile Travel Advisor” survey from February 2012 showed that US travelers were often using their smartphones for mobile hotel-related searches such as finding things to do nearby or places to eat near their hotel
In response
1. location based services- the meaning
2. functions of LBS for travellers
3. mobile travel marketing
4. examples of mobile apps using LBS:
Foursquare, Yelp, Touristeye
5. survey in the US and recommendations to the

Michaela Danková
Thank you four
your attention!
travel marketers
social check-in parnerships,
concierge services,
customized coupons,
other in-destination services
travel apps
to create customer service touchpoints,
brand loyalty opportunities,
ancillary revenue streams
At the same time, the 2012 SITA Passenger Self-Service Survey has revealed that passengers want
more self-service and mobile-based offerings to help improve the travel experience.

The annual survey – included more than 2,500 passengers
from over 70 countries – found that
70% of passengers now carry smartphones
, which is
fuelling demand for services such as self-boarding and flight information updates
at the right time, in the right location, through the right device, providing the right contents to the right customer
A system of
serves as the
for using the application and by ‘
checking in’
, status. Actions such as frequently checking into multiple venues in one day, or a single venue on multiple occasions reward the most active with ‘
Mayoral status’
in the form of a

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