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Fastest Cars In The World

No description

Super Kid

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Fastest Cars In The World

Fastest Cars In The World AND NOW THE FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD IS .... Fastest: SSC Ultimate Aero
Speed: 413 KM/H (257 mph)
Horse Power: 1183
Price in Canada: $ 664,276.06 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 654,400 Dollars 10th fastest: Porsche Carrera
Speed: 329 KM/H (205 mph)
Horse Power: 612
Price in Canada: $446,446,00 Dollars
Price In USA: $440,000,00 Dollars 9th fastest: Lamborghini Murricelago LP640
Speed:339 KM/H (211 mph)
Horse Power:640
Price in Canada: $636,289,60 Dollars
Price in USA:430,000,00 Dollars
8th fastest: Pagani Zonda F
Speed: 345 KM/H (215 mph)
Horse Power: 650
Price in Canada: $677,061.82 Dollars
Price in USA: $667,321.00 Dollars

7th fastest: Jaguar XJ220
Speed: 349 KM/H (215 mph)
Horse Power: 542
Price in Canada: $ 659,784.01 Dollars
Price in USA: $650,000.00 Dollars
6th fastest: Ferrari Enzo
Speed: 386 KM/H (240 mph)
Horse Power: 660
Price in Canada: $ 679,907.86 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 670,000.00 Dollars
5th fastest: McLaren F1
Speed: 394 KM/H (245 mph)
Horse Power: 627
Price in Canada: $ 984,520.61 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 970,000,00 Dollars
4th fastest: Koenigsegg CCX
Speed: 394KM/H (450 mph)
Horse Power: 806
Price in Canada: $ 553,800.16 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 545,568.00 Dollars

3rd fastest: Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
Speed: 399KM/H (248 mph)
Horse Power: 750
Price in Canada: $ 563,355.25 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 555,000 Dollars 2nd fastest: Bugatti Veyron
Speed: 407 KM/H (253 mph)
Horse Power: 1001
Price in Canada:$ 1,725,608.68 Dollars
Price in USA: $ 1,700,000 Dollars By Marco-Attilio Ventresca-Clarino
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