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Chapter 6 critique

No description

lisbetty lugo

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 6 critique

Name:Lisbetty Lugo
Anayansy Hernandez
Jorry Henry

Chapter 6: Presentation Aids
The Good Things of Chapter 6
1) We found the chapter to be self explanatory. For example, as to what are the objects that preferably recommended to be used in a presentation
2) The author backs up his information with solid and statistical facts. For example in page 4 its refers the information back a book called
The Public Speaking Handbook (2005).
Easy to Understand:
The Guidelines Given:
The Bad Things of Chapter 6
It covers a variety of different types of presentations
1) The author provides different options that could be used to enhance the visual presentation. For example: He divides the presentation types into two sections: 3D and 2D presentation.
2) The author also re-enforces his point by backing it up with a picture.
Very Old School
1) Many examples were of technology that is not used anymore. For example, Documented Camera, overhead transparencies, and Flip Charts.

2) The chapter talks very little about softwares that are used today.

Better Examples:
1) Examples and technique on how to keep an audience interested. Examples like the one stated in pg. 3 with money.
2) some of the examples the author stated were irrelevant. For example in page 4, with the twin towers.
Irrelevant :
1) we feel that if the chapter had more information that we can relate and put to use . The chapter would have been better.
If the author would talk more of software and technology we use now a day. Since most things are out dated.
Software's that the author could have mentioned to make the chapter better & that are being used by many now a day:
Power Point,
Adobe Presenter 8,
Apple Keynote,
Open Office Impress
Windows Movie Player
Power Converter
Thank You.
1) We liked how the writer gave little tips to the reader at the end of every topic.
2) he would describe the do's and don'ts that one must keep in mind while making a presentation or speech.
3) For example, In page 13, he stated the different features used in a PowerPoint that have to be kept in mind.
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