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Copy of Copy of Copy of The Business Plan

This presentation introduces some of the licensed electronic resources that will aid in building a business plan and that are available through the library. Audience: class for start-up businesses. April 2009. library, SBDC, business, plan

Christopher Powell

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Business Plan

Spoiled Rotten Financial Products and Services
Spunky Kutz - $15
Let us give your little guy a new trendy cut. From a buzz cut to a Mohawk, we will make him stand out amongst the bunch. He can also enjoy a video game before his service and a movie or popular concert video during his service.

Fancy Fingers- $9
Let us shape, buff and polish your sweet one’s fingernails while enjoying a movie or a popular concert video.

Twinkle Toes- $15
Let us shape, buff and polish your sweet one’s toenails while enjoying a movie or popular concert video.

Tutti Fruiti Facial- $17
Learn basic skin care while using all natural cleansing and moisturizing products.

Razzle Dazzle Rubdown- $20
Enjoy a 15 minute seated clothed massage treatment by a licensed massage therapist. All massage treatments are performed under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Spoiled Rotten “Deuces”- $45
Bring a friend and enjoy fancy finger and twinkle toes combination for two. Mission SWOT Our Mission of Spoiled Rotten Kids Day Spa is to run a profitable business by providing a world-class spa experience. We will provide a totally memorable and rejuvenating experience by catering to our younger clients through beauty, comfort, knowledge, and personalized attention. We offer pampering services that range from kids’ massage to mani-pedi’s. Each experience is designed for kids to feel free, confident, and just enjoy being a Spoiled Rotten. Strengths Our Mission Statement What we offer! Financial will get you started Individual Services
Group or Party Services Spoiled Rotten Petite- $230
Fancy fingers, twinkle toes, a gift for the honoree and party theme decorations including costume

Spoiled Rotten Plus- $345
Fancy fingers, twinkle toes, tutti fruiti facial, a gift for the honoree and party theme decorations including costume attire

Spoiled Rotten Spectacular- $480
Fancy fingers, twinkle toes, tutti fruiti facial, razzle dazzle rubdown, a gift for the honoree and party theme decorations including costume attire
Experienced with children for a least 2 years or a
degree in Elementary Education
Certificated in CPR and First Aid
Highly qualified in entrepreneurship
Child Specialist
Certificated from the Top Cosmetology Institutions
Affordable supplies and purchased in bulk Weaknesses •New Market(not many kid spas around)
•Safety Liability(when dealing with children your insurance will be increased and more certifications to do business)
• Location ( is there a lot of traffic, is it located in a good environment. Also it must be accessible to people for various locations )
•Marketing/Advertisement(this a new type of marketing and ideas will be new and not really market tested)
Opportunities • More Jobs(Internships)
• Sponsorships (My Black is Beautiful, Just Girls Inc.)
• Not much competition (very few children spas)
• Website and TV Commercials with celebrities
• Touch screen computers(help kids with reading technology and listen to music in the watching area)
• Booming Economy(producing jobs and providing child service )
• Criminal and Drug Backgrounds
• All Employees Must Sign Legal Documents on Child Abuse
• Monthly Training on Child Care
• HR Person Always Present
Threats • Economy
• Decreasing Profits
• Change in consumer base
• Advanced technology
• Future competitors
• Change in market demands
• Keeping up with trends
• Environmental effects The Five-Year financial projection plan for Spoiled Rotten Kids Day Spa is for this company to maintain its high quality essence while still offering affordable packages to spoil your "rotten" children. The boutique style company will bring in a gross profit of at least $12,008 in its first fiscal year, while the operating cost only takes up a fourth of our gross profit. Within the next 5 years this company would have increased its package sales by at least 25%. Our net sales will be over $146,000 a year and offer a greater return for our profit. Once "Spoiled Rotten Kids Day Spa" has achieved net sales of at least $200,000 the company will be able to expand and offer more of a variety of packages. Five-Year Projection Financial Breakdown Financial Element Units 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Packages Sold $1000's 275 395 520 705 930 1115

Net Sales $1000's 36,025 51,745 68,120 92,355 121,830 146,065

Gross Profit $1000's 12,008 17,248 22,706 30,784 40,609 48,688

Operating Profit (loss) $1000's 3,002 4,312 5,676 7,696 10,152 12,172 Goals For the first five years Spoiled Rotten Kids Day Spa will seeks to achieve the following goals.

•Non-financial goals
1. To show children the proper ways to take better care of their skin.
2. To show children how to relax and remain stress free when dealing with everyday problems
3. To create a pampering experience that promotes confidence within children.

• Financial goals
1. To obtain growth, and see a large profit that doubles the amount of money that was invested into the spa at the time of opening.
2. To expand and create a chain of spas throughout the country.
3. To have a public stock offering by the year 2015 so we can attract investors on a larger scale. Competitors There is only one other kids day spa in the Baltimore metropolitan area called Sweet Pea Day spa it is located in Catonsville, Maryland. Sweet Pea Day Spa claim that they’re the best at making children ages 4-14years old feel special. They cater to only girls and that will set us apart from our competitor because we provide a spa room that caters to girls and boys. Our Competition
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