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Alvin York & Audie Murphy

Most decorated soldier in World War I. Most decorated soldier in WWII.

Nick Martin

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Alvin York & Audie Murphy

Alvin York & Audie Murphy By: Nicholas A. Martin Alvin York December 18, 1987 in Pall Mall Tennessee.
Greatest American hero of WWI
Avoided profiting
At most only ever traveled 50 miles from home
3rd oldest of 11 kids
Confident marksman at early age because of hunting
Only 9 months in schooling
When an appropriate age he was a sharpshooter and a "Hell Raiser" Gary Cooper Born May 7, 1901 in Helena Montana
Died May 13, 1961 in Beverly Hills California
He was 6'3"
His wife was Veronica Balfe
He only had one child named Maria Cooper
Other movies High Noon, Meet John Doe, Man of the west and of course Sergeant York. Audie Murphy Awards & Medals Distinguished Service Cross
Medal of Honor
French Croix de Guerre
Legion of Honor
Italian Croce de Guera.
Ticker Tape Parade in New York
Caught 132 German men in one day More About Murphy Most decorated in WWII
Only 21 when the war ended
He had killed 240 German soldiers
Earned 33 medals, including Medal of Honor
He became an actor
More than 40 movies
And continued to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD Born June 20, 1924
Died May 28, 1971
He was 5'5"
He had 2 kids, James Shannon Murphy, Terrance Michael Murphy.
He also had two wives, Wanda Hendrix, Pamela Archer. More about York Became and expert in using both rifles and pistols
Got into all sorts of bare knuckle fights, brawling, drinking, and smoking
Became a devout Christian, thanks to his wife-Gracie Williams
He was drafted into the Army
He didn't want to kill people because of his religion Movies The Red Badge of Courage-1951
Whispering Smith-1961
To Hell and Back-1955
The Unforgiven-1960
No Name on The Bullet-1959
Ride Clear of Diablo-1954
40 Guns To Apache Pass-1967
Night Passage-1957
Poise From Hell-1961
The Guns of Fort Petticoat-1957
Drums Across The River-1954
Ride A Crooked Trail-1958
Seven Ways From Sundown-1960
The Duel at Silver Creek-1952 Work Cited http://www.imdb.com
http://www.youtube.com The Quiet American-1958
The Wild And The Innocent-1959
The Cimarron Kid-1952
The Kid From Texas-1950
Walk The Proud Land-1956
The Gun Runners-1958
Gun Fight at Comanche Creek-1963
Arizona Raiders-1965
Bullet For a Badman-1964
Battle at Bloody Beach-1961
The Texican-1966
Joe Butterfly-1957
World in My Corner-1956
Hell Bent For Leather-1960
Bad Boy-1949
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