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Independent, Dependent, Constant, Control

Tommy Nguyen

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Variables

How does plant fertilizer affect plant height if planted in identical pots and received same amount of sunlight? Dependent So to identify... These variables are groups that must stay the same during the whole experiment. Dependent Independent Variables are also called "Manipulated Variables" These are changed or altered to test the dependent variable. Dependent Variables are the things you are testing on. These are the results .This is you data you collect Constant Control Constant Independent Variables The Dependent depends on the independent Independent Controls These variables are normal groups in the experiment. This variable does change any other variable during the experiment. Like the weather... Affects the temperature Independent Variable Dependent Variable Constant Variable What do all the variables mean??? And what are examples of them??? Hoped you enjoyed my first prezi The constant would be plant growth with no fertilizer
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