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Elf Owl

No description

David Ordonez

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Elf Owl

Elf owls are the smallest in the world; the total length of an adult is 12.4 to 14.4 cm. Adults weight 35 to 55 grams. Males and Female resemble each other, but the total length of the female is 3% larger than the male, and female is 6% larger in mass. Elf owls have short tails,yellow irises, conspicuous white eye eyebrows marks and two rows of white spots on the wings. Their backs are grayish brown with buff mottling; cinnamon brown blurry vertical streaks occur on the breasts their bills are greenish yellow and their legs and feet are tan to dull yellow
Elf owls primarily eat insects(especially moths, beetles and crickets) but occasionally they eat small mammals and reptiles like spiny lizards, ear less lizards, blind snakes, and kangaroo rats. In southwestern Arizona, elf owls change their diets based on the weather.They eat mainly moths, and crickets until the summer rainy seasons. Then they switch to scarab beetles.They search for food in the ground, in the air, and lower to mid level vegetation.
Elf Owl
Body Adaptations
The elf owl lives in Arizona and
New Mexico during spring and summer. In the winter,it is found on central and southern Mexico.
Elf owls live in a variety of habitats including upland deserts subtropical woodlands, montane evergreen and canyon riparian forests. Elf owl nest in old woodpecker holes in columnar cacti
Habitat and Environment
The elf owl has good eye sight so that they can hunt at night. The elf owl can catch its prey in complete darkness by using its hearing to pinpoint its food. Another characteristic that helps them hunt is their silent flight. The elf owl also has talons so that it can grab its prey without falling.

Behavior adaptations
Elf owls are nocturnal; most of their activity occurs at dust and before dawn. They move by walking and hopping, and they can climb like parrots. When elf owls hunt they strike in straight lines. hey also flu in u-shaped arcs between perches and sometimes they glide and hover. Some populations are migratory, others sedentary.
Vegetation: All the plants or plant life of a place
Talons: A claw especially of a bird of prey.
Nocturnal: Done or occurring at night
Perches: a pole or rod, usually horizontal,serving as a roost for birds.
Glide: to move silently without being noticed
Hover: To hang suspended in the air
Migratory: pertaining to a migration
Sedentary: Characterized by a sitting posture
Did you know the elf owls length its just of 12 to 14 centimeters?!! In this presentation you will learn a lot of things about elf owls. I hope you like my presentation.
Invention description
The night vision device is an optical instrument that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness. So, how do they work? that depends in the type of technology that is being used. There are actually two types of technology that can be used , and they're both very different. Its important to understand something about light. Did you know not all the light is visible? It's true! The light we can see is called the visible light. There are other types of light such as the infared and ultraviolet cant be seen by the naked eye.
Background info
the first practical night vision devices were developed in Germany in the mid-1930 and were used my both german tanks and infantry during WWll (world war 2). U.S military scientist had simultaneously developed their own night vision devices that first saw during WWll and the Korea war. The invention was invented because soilders at night combat could get confused.
Impact on life
Night vision devices have allowed humans to easily blend into and exploit environment that was once only conquered through the use of flashlights and flood lamps.Whether in google or binocular form, these devices have given people a significant edge, first military combat and more recently surveillance security and rescue operations.
Glossary (for inventions)
related to sight or the light
simultaneously: at the same time
exploit: make full use of a resource
significant edge: something important
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