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Mold Experiment

No description

Ariaynah Martin

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Mold Experiment

In order for most foods to be eatable they need to be refrigerated. Dairy products mostly but there are other types of food that need to stay in the refrigerator as well. What I'm trying to figure out is which type of food molds the fastest.
I predict that the milk would mold faster because it needs to stay cool which means being refrigerated. Then the cheese , banana, and lastly the bread.
Out of milk, cheese, bread , and banana's which molds the fastest in the same place.
1. banana
2. cheese
5.a cabinet to put materials in
1. make sure all materials aren't already molded
2.pour some milk in a glass
3. next take the bread, banana, and cheese and put them in different containers
4.Now put everything in the same cabinet
5. Check everyday to see when each material starts to mold
Mold Experiment
On the third day of sitting in the cabinet the milk started to mold. When the fourth day came then the cheese and the bread started showing signs of mold. The banana stayed fresh until the sixth day.
My hypothesis that the milk would mold first and that next would be the cheese was correct. But I was wrong when it came to the bread and the banana. I thought that next would be the banana because both the banana and bread both don't go in the refrigerator. And because you usually starts browning before the bread goes bad. I guess I was wrong because that's not what happen.
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