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Hygiene Presentation

No description

Adam Furtado

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Hygiene Presentation

57 years of experience in R&D and production of films and nonwovens made of polyolefins
State-of-the-art technology
Processing of approx. 370,000 metric tonnes (approx. 815,000,000 pounds) of PE and PP per year
20 locations (19 Business Units + Headquarters)
5 Global Business Areas (GBAs)
Privately owned
Approx. 3,000 employees
2013 Sales approx. € 870 million ($1.175 billion)
RKW ProLife:
Hygiene & Medical

Extrusion (blown films / cast films)
Production of Nonwovens
Printing In-line
Printing Off-line

Lamination films
Barrier films (up to 7 layers)
Label films
Tube lamination films
Surface protection films
Release films
Aptra® - Breathable films & laminates
ROOFTOPGUARD II – synthetic roofing underlayment
FPO® - Compounds and films
Nonwovens (carded, spunbond and hydroentangled spunbond)
RKW Nordhorn was initially a satellite to its sister company in Wasserburg. Today it acts as a perfect complement for the Hyfol range of non-breathable films, with a particular focus on the Adult Inco market.
Nordhorn‘s individual competence is in films and laminates for coating applications, especially for tape system applications.

Hygiene and Medical
Diaper and Incontinence backsheets
Films & laminate for Woundcare

Closure systems, e.g. diapers
Tissue packaging

Core products & technologies
Non-breathable Hyfol ® films
In-line printing 1 colour
Extrusion laminates of film to nonwoven
Less film with optimum functionality

38% less weight means:
38% less resource consumption

38% lower CO2 emissions

60% more m² per kg polymer

60% more diapers per kg polymer

Less raw material and finished product transport in the whole supply chain

Greater efficiency in subsequent processes
GBA Hygiene & Sustainability
Production Film 2012
84,000 mt (185.2 mio. lb)
€210 Mio. ($280 mio.)

7 film
2 nonwoven

Over 600 employees
Worldwide sales coverage

Market leader Europe
Silage films and tubes

Round bale nets

Horticultural films

Pond liners

Construction films

Converted sacks:
Heavy duty bags (glued and welded)
Block sacks
Valve sacks

FFS films (Form, Fill and Seal)
Speciality: FFS films for powdery goods

Transport and pallet safety films:
Shrink films and hoods
Stretch hoods
Anti-lamination films

Shrink films for a variety of applications
The original RKW hygiene film plant, Petersaurach‘s core business is breathable film, whilst this is complemented by the whole range of Hyfol films.
Petersaurach prides itself on its tradition of printing and excels in multi-colour registered printing for the babycare market.

Diaper and Incontinence backsheets

Core products & technologies
Breathable and non breathable Hyfol ® films
In-line printing up to 2 colors & off-line printing up to 8 colors
Registered and random designs

RKW offers you a wide range of print options:

In -line Random designs 1 to 2 colors
In -line Registered designs 1 color
Off-line Random designs 1 to 8 colors
Off-line Registered designs 1 to 8 colors

4 different stretching technologies:
Ringrolling CD/MD

3 different bonding technologies:
Glue lamination (full or strip)
Thermo bonding
Ultrasonic bonding

Films up to 4,500 MVTR (Lyssy) 20,000 MVTR (Mocon)
Colored, printed up to 8 color
Breathable Films & Laminates
Babycare, Femcare and Adult Incontinence

Plain and breathable films
Perforated films
Spunbond and carded nonwovens
Film to nonwoven laminate
Films and laminate for tapes
Wide range of print options

Films, laminates and nonwovens for protective garments

Film and laminate for Medical and Woundcare
GBA Hygiene & Medical
The newest RKW plant, built on a greenfield site in 6th October City, was inaugurated on 10th November 2011.
RKW Egypt serves the growing Middle East and North African hygiene market and will offer a range of ultra thin films, with printing as an option.

Baby diaper backsheets

Core products & technologies

Non breathable Hyfol® films

In-line printing up to 2 colours

Registered and random designs

RKW Egypt
Situated in sunny Spain, RKW Iter serves our interests in Southern Europe, and prides itself on its leadership position in its home market.
Iter offers a full range of printed and plain Hyfol films.
Diaper and Incontinence backsheets

Core products & technologies
Non breathable Hyfol ® films
In-line printing 1 colour & off-line printing up to 8 colours
Registered and random designs
Founded in 1973, RKW ACE was one of the very first hygiene film producers in Europe. Over the years ACE has built up a strong reputation and leadership position in films and laminates for the Medical disposables market. Our technology lends itself perfectly to soft and extensible films.
In the tradition of adding value to its films, ACE boasts 2 types of laminating technology and offers perforated films for topsheet applications.


Diaper and Incontinence backsheets
Apertured films for topsheets, acquisition layers and reinforcements

Films and Medicace ® laminates for surgical drapes & gowns
Films and laminates for Woundcare

Core products & technologies
Breathable and non breathable films
Extrusion and hot melt laminates
Perforated films
The largest of the hygiene film plants, Wasserburg, specializes in ultra thin backsheet films, in particular for the Adult Incontinence market.
Equipped with the latest state of the art technology, we also offer backsheet laminates, breathable films and a wide range of options for printing.

Diaper and Incontinence backsheets
Apertured films for topsheets, acquisition layers and reinforcements

Medifol ® Films for woundcare

Core products & technologies
Breathable Aptra® film
Hyfol® films
In-line printing up to 2 colors & off-line printing up to 8 colors
Laminates of film to nonwoven
Perforated film
RKW Wasserburg
Markets served
Food & beverage
Pet care products
Lawn & garden
General Purpose
Hygiene (Diaper and Incontinence backsheet)
January 3, 2011:
RKW SE announced its acquisition of Danafilms, Inc.

Mono-layer films
Up to 7-layer co-extruded films
Thank you!
We are:
Privately owned, financially strong, and profitable
Bringing profit back into the company in the form of substantial yearly investment
Driven by our customers‘ needs and market growth

We can also:
Offer the latest state-of-the-art technologies
Provide a one-stop shopping experience for a wide variety of raw materials
Offer the flexibility and assurance of multi-source manufacturing
Draw on synergies from throughout the organization
Deliver sustainable solutions throughout the value chain
Innovate with our planet in mind
Why Choose RKW?
Aptra ® Hyfol ® HyJet ® Medicace ® Medifol ®
Our Focus for Innovation
Low environmental impact
Ease of recycling

To Bring Us:
Closer to our Market
Closer to our Customer
Closer to Delivering the Product of the Future
Research & Development
Franklin, KY
Facility size:
120,000 sq. feet
35 acres
Current Capacity:
55 million lbs

All lines capable of:
40”+ ODS
12” to 103.75”
1 mm to 12 mm
ISO 9001-2000 Certified 2007
RKW Danafilms
Printed films for packaging (wrap, shrink and FFS films)
Food industry: frozen foods, cold stored products, liquids, pasta
Non-food industry: soil/peat, pet food,
construction industry/insulation, tissue
Multipacks – beverage packaging
Carrier bags, pouches, punched labels, waste bags
Baby care

Feminine well-being

Adult incontinence care

Wipes and pads


Surgical gowns and drapes
high impact
printed up to 8 colorrs

Films for frontal tapes/fastening systems
Extensible films and laminate
ProSoft® carded nonwoven with extensible properties
Spunbond and carded nonwoven for topsheets
RKW HyJet® for baby wipes
Backsheet (standard, breathable, coloured, laminates)

Topsheet (perforated film & laminates, nonwovens)

Pouch film (ultra soft, printed)

RKW HyJet® nonwoven for pantyliners

RKW HyJet® nonwoven for facial, personal hygiene and cosmetic wipes
high impact

(spunbond and carded nonwoven)
Films for lamination
A wide range of film to nonwoven laminates which offer varying absorbency levels tailored to our customers’ needs
A range of film to nonwoven laminates suited to the manufacture of easy to wear and comfortable gowns which offer complete barrier properties
All products meet EN 13795 requirements

Films and laminates for disposable plasters & tapes
Extensible films

RKW Danafilms
Three (3) state-of-the-art Mono-Extrusion Lines (12” to 90”)
Two (2) Seven-Layer W&H Coextrusion Lines
Two (2) Three-Layer W&H Coextrusion Lines
Two (2) embossing lines, 1 with in-line printing
Company Profile
Company History
Ownership Structure
RKW-Group Sales & Tonnage
A Global Presence
Production Technologies
Offline Printing Capabilities
Research & Development
Global Business Areas
Product Mix
GBA Technical Films
GBA Consumer Packaging
GBA Industrial Packaging
GBA Agricultural Films & Nets
GBA Hygiene Profile & Objectives
GBA Hygiene: Objectives
GBA Hygiene: Profile
GBA Hygiene Markets
Feminine Well-Being
Adult Incontinence Care
Medical & Woundcare
GBA Hygiene Production Locations
RKW Petersaurach
RKW Nordhorn
Lamination films
High speed films
Hot fill films
Lidding films
Barrier films
Forming & non-forming films
Non-breathable Hyfol® films

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