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New Toilets

Science vol 337:673 10 Aug 2012

Gerty Ward

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of New Toilets

The World Needs New Toilets
The Flush Toilet...
Clean water is scarce.
Treating sewer water is expensive.
Sanitation critical for public health.
New sewer lines are expensive.
More people are going!
Sanitation engineering
urine high in phosphorous (fertilizer)
dry poop does not smell, is less toxic and easier to process into fuel or compost.
Separating Toilets
...uses drinkable water.
...requires transport and
treatment of waste.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
"Reinvent the Toilet Challenge"

Bacteria decomposes waste.
Generates heat to kill pathogens.
Heat can be used for cooking or to generate electricity
Does not smell or attract insects.
Psychological barriers to use.
Compost must periodically be removed.
Separation Toilets
Toilet 2.0
Toilet challenge winner!
Recovers and cleans the water
Compost or Digester toilets
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