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Delirium Summary Prezi

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Taylor Bresk

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of Delirium Summary Prezi

In the novel, Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, Lena Haloway is in favor of the rules governing the United States in present day Portland, including its evaluations for planning life for its citizens, its' regulators for keeping them in line, and the segregation to prevent an outbreak of the deadliest disease in the world: love. After all, she is living her life according to her country's motto in "Safety, Sanctity, and Community." Even though she knows the United States' borders are closed to keep amor deliria nervosa from thriving, Lena can't wait to have her procedure to be cured any longer. Due to her suicidal, diseased, and deceased mother and the pressure of succeeding for her adoptive aunt, Carol Tiddle, the last thing Lena wants is to fall sick, and the first thing she wants is to be like her flawless best friend, Hana Trent, who doesn't have to work so hard for a decent future. All of the pressure is almost too much to bear on Lena's evaluation day, the day she will be rated 1-10 and get her her approved list of life partners, as she tries to push every thought of love and the overwhelming procedure lab out of her mind. Unfortunately, this is not enough to keep her from bombing her evaluation. She nearly faints from the antiseptic smell of the room when... MOOOO! Hooves pattering on the ground and Cows? barging into the room! A stampede? Lena, caught off guard, barely manages to dive under a table to avoid being trampled. In all of the confusion, she catches sight of a boy about her age with hair the color of autumn, hysterically laughing from the observation deck at the scrambling government officials. Lena wonders, is he responsible for this mix-up? Is he from the Wilds, does he believe in love, is he an...Invalid?, as he WINKS at her then vanishes. She's never had such a disturbance in her life and it can only leave her asking two things, What was that, and who was he?
Having A Cow
The morning after the evaluations, Lena and Hana do their usual running. While Lena is still trying to solve the mystery of who the boy at her evaluation was, Hana talks about the stampede in awe. This is made clear in the text, " 'This must be how the Invalids got in,' she says in a breathless rush, as though we've been talking about yesterday's drama at the labs all this time. 'Don't you think?' " With her mind thoughts on the topic, Hana intentionally takes a detour from their routine path, and runs toward Portland's labs, where the evaluation stampede mistake occurred. Lena, with a feeling of where they're going, gets uneasy at just the sight of the labs and being so close to somewhere she shouldn't be. To her, if the NO TRESPASSING signs aren't a good reason to leave, the electrified fence is, but as usual Hana finds a way to inveigle Lena to sneak through with her and "Live a little.". The fearful side effect of "living a little" takes over Lenas thoughts. As Hana publicly (more or less) starts to bash the lame security of the labs, a boy joins the conversation to somewhat defend it. The novel describes him as "A boy with caramel-colored skin and hair that's a golden-brown color, like autumn leaves getting ready to fall.". It's the boy from her evaluation! When Lena brings up that she saw him hysterical, that he WINKED at her, at the evaluations, he waves off the idea like it's unimaginable. Soon, so does Lena, because she sees the three pronged mark of someone cured from the deliria. His name is Alex, he's cured, a United States guard and nothing for Lena to be curious about. Shaken up, she hardly notices when he stresses, "Around eight thirty the sky looks like it's on fire, especially at the Back Cove. You should really see it!". Something about the urgency in his voice tells Lena that Alex is trying to say something, a secret message of some sort.
Secret Message?
Lena goes home with the dangerous thought of meeting Alex. She's in conflict with herself. If she goes she will only have a small window of time to ride her bike there and come back, let alone stay, and could risk breaking curfew, but if she could get the dishes done quick enough she would have plenty of time and could tell Aunt Carol she needs something from Hana and visit Alex. To Lena, the getting there part isn't what is nerve-wracking, it's the punishment threats that could come with visiting, even a cured, boy after curfew. She could be accused of sympathizing, face relocation, the Crpyts...the list goes on and on and on. Lena decides that if everything mandatory is done, and there is wiggle room for the ride to the Back Cove, she'll risk it. This is a turning point for Lena, the anti-breaker of rules and someone who can't even look at a boy, let alone make plans to meet one. It's eight o'clock when she sets off for the Cove making profound progress. Unexpectedly, Lena is stopped by regulators curious to see what she, an uncured 17-year-old girl, could be doing out so close to her curfew? They tell her that she is free to quickly pick up her course to her "friend's house", but Lena still decides not to go meet Alex; What was she thinking meeting late with a BOY anyways? Lena convinces herself it was the right thing to do but isn't content. In the text she says," I can't shake the persistent, needling feeling that I've forgotten something, or missed something, or lost something forvever."
An Attempt At Rebellion
By Lauren Oliver
Weeks later, Lena has completely forced Alex out of her mind. What was she doing anywhere near him anyways? She's able to enjoy her high school graduation, up until she realizes the future of all of the St. Annes girls. "Everything ends, people move on, they don't look back.". As unsettling as that is for Lena, she convinces herself it's the safe lifestyle and brushes her worries aside. Knowing her and Hana will unavoidably be seperated by the end of the summer, she visits Hana's house, expecting to find her reading or playing computer games, but she finds her listening to music. "It's a shrieky, shrill, fierce kind of music..", definitely not the type that would make the cut for LAMM (Library of Approved Movies and Music). When Hana realizes that Lena has been listening to the music too, she gets caught off guard and nervous. She tries to explain the hidden web links (that contain party details, unauthorized music, and illegal ways to communicate to the Wilds) as a fun, innocent, few time situation, but they both know better. Lena nearly has a panic attack when Hana ivites her to go a party that night that she's attending. They start to fight which causes both of them to walk away from each other in anger. Lena promises herself that she won't go but the temptation weighs on her for the rest of the night.
The Illegal Temptations
Lena decides to go to the party, secretly glad, and pedals so quickly there that she arrives in minutes. As she gets off her bike, she's buoyed by, again, illegal music.The "beautiful voice as thick and heavy as warm as hone, spilling up and down the scale" brings tears to Lena's eyes. When the song ends, Hana spots Lena and is overcome with excitement. Lena enjoys herself for the first few minutes but then she notices all the people. "No. Not just people. Boys. And girls. Uncureds... Boys and girls talking. Boys and girls laughing. Boys and girls sharing sips from the same cup." Once Lena is aware of this, she is flooded with fear. Although Hana claims it's harmless, she evacuates anyways. Lena starts to calm down, preparing to leave, when she hears his voice. Alex is pleasantly surprised that Lena is there and begs her not to leave. Persuaded by his charm, she stays momentarily to learn to dance to the heavenly tunes. Lena floats home as light as a feather. The text explains why, "...my world exploded because of one word. The question was: 'Will you meet me tomorrow?' And the words was: 'Yes.' "
The Party
Alex and Lena meet the next evening at East End Beach, which is barely occupied. They're talking, swimming and Lena, for one of the first times, is enjoying herself. It's short lived, though, as she becomes suspicious of how he acts offended by her talking about the Wilds and uses words that no one uses anymore. "...freedom, space. Old Words." As Alex quiets, Lena senses that there is something burdening his thoughts. That's when he tells her the truth, " 'Lena, I have to tell you something. I'm not who you think I am. I was never cured. Never paired, matched or anything. I was never even evaluated. Scars, just scars. Not THE scars. Easy to replicate. I'm not from here. I like you, okay? That's it.' " She assumes that he is from the Wilds and petrified that he LIKES her, runs away from him like he's a monster. Lena knows he's infected and isn't quite sure whether she wants to be infected, too. Although in a haze, she manages to retake her evaluation the following day and pass with an 8/10 and a decent list of approved life partner choices. Lena's life without Alex is boring so she decides to visit Hana. Again Hana invites her to a party, in an abandoned neighborhood. Lena makes the definite choice not to go just in case Alex is there. It 's Lena's luck that she doesn't go because a raid is spread through Portland. Regulators are doing sporadic house searches and demanding citizen IDs. This is all no big deal until Lena realizes she needs to warn Hana and everyone else at the party about the raid before it's too late.
Falling, or Drowning, for Alex?
Lena dashes out the door when the officers are gone. Although scared, she is willing to risk it all for everyone at the party. When Lena arrives, the sounds of the regulators are distant and she is thankful for how solitary Deering Highlands is. She spots the party house and tries to tell the first girl she sees that its a raid night, but it's not soon enough. A booming voice comes in over the music and people, " 'Attention. This is a raid. Do not try to run. Do not try to resist. This is a raid.' ". Regulators with mass weapons barge through the door with their ferocious dogs. They flood the house and fill the air with screams. All Lena sees is people being beat down to the ground and bitten by animals. She hears muffled cries for help and other horrible things, like in the text, "...one regulator catches the back of a girl's head with a sickening crack." All Lena can think is "Escape. Escape. Escape.". A dog starts after her so she runs down a hallway. The mutt sinks its jaw around her calf while the regulator tries to swing at her, and just in the nick of time, someone jerks her out of regulaor's path. She hears a familiar voice say " 'This way.' " Alex...". He pulls her out a window and they sneak into a nearby shed. Alex mends her bite wound and they lay there for awhile. Lena finally lets her self absorb into his presence and admits that she has feelings for him too. Before she knows it, they're kissing, and for someone who never wanted to fall sick, she has all the symptoms, and there is only one thng she wants now: more.
The Raid
Alex, Alex, Alex
All Lena can think about now is Alex and his warm, comforting lips. She KNOWS she has contracted the deliria and all she has to say is " Bring it." During her shift at the Stop-N-Save, Alex comes in pretending he's a customer. It's all Lena can do not to hug him. She loves the fact that nobody knows about them, even her co-worker Jed can't tell. This is proven in the text, "He doesn't know. He doesn't know that I can still taste Alex's lips against mine, can still feel his hands sliding over my shoulders.". They silently make plans to meet at the storage room later that afternoon. Lena goes at the time arranged and finds not Alex, but Hana, knocking at the door. She vents about how horrible the party raid was , oblivious to the fact that Lena was there. So wrapped up in Hana's tears, Lena forgets that Alex is supposed to come. When he comes in, Hana is caught way off guard, " 'You told him to meet you?' " she says, but soon regains her balance. Lena tells her everything between her and Alex. The three of them make it a mission to hang out everyday at 37 Brooks, an abandoned house in Deering Highlands. With the days til her procedure, days with Alex, days with memories, and days with the deliria counting down, Lena and Alex make the decision to cross the guarded electric fence and go out into the untamed Wilds for one night. When they manage to cross the border, and the actually NOT electrified fence, Lena sees how deep the lies that the US tells its citizens are. "They run through Portland like sewers, backing up into everything, filling the city with stench. They told us love was a disease . They told us it would kill us in the end. For the very first time I realize that this, too, might be a lie. " When they arrive in the Wilds, Lena sees that there are dozens of residents living in (makeshift) trailers and is uplifted by the fact that the WIlds do exist, regardless of the government. Laying in Alex's residence, looking through the hole in the roof at the stars, Lena and Alex exchange "I love you"s. This shows a drastic change in character for Lena and this quote from the text explains why: "Love, love, love, love. A word I've never pronounced, not to anyone, a word I've never even really let myself think. I haven't been allowed to."
When Lena wakes up the following morning, she's giddy with LOVE. But of course it's only short lived. Aunt Carol tells Lena that her match, Brian Scharff, is coming over for a short meal. Lena's heart breaks-- she was supposed to meet Alex. Her frustration is displayed when, for the first time EVER, she yells at her Aunt. When Brian arrives, Lena leaves the room and comes back to find them talking about her negatively. Brian is saying, " 'She's not as pretty as in the pictures.' ". Embarassed, she runs outside. Brian comes out too and apologizes. Through his voice, Lena thinks he's saying that he knows about Alex, or about someone. He emphasizes that "...the cure works.". Lena has mixed emotions about this and takes a step to go inside when she sees Alex's sillhoutte walking away, clearly having heard the conversation. Once Brian leaves, Lena goes directly to 37 Brooks to reassure herself that Alex is still within her reach. When she arrives, all of their stuff is gone and Lena fears that he left after realizing that Brian was her future. She's pleasantly surprised when he comes from upstairs and tells her that he would never leave her, and asls her to run away to the Wilds with him. Automatically Lena says no. She tells him about her mother, who fell sick, and ended up dying from it. When she tells Alex that the only thing that kept her mother alive for the first years was her father's pin, which she wore around her neck on a chain, he's shocked. Lena is blown away by this quote from the text, " 'Lena,' Alex says at last. 'I think your mother is alive.' ".
I Think Your Mother Is Alive
Lena is waiting outside of the Crypts (an underground jail where people who commit severe offenses towards the government) the day after for Alex. She has a rotten feeling in the pit of her stomach that her mother is being kept there. When Alex arrives, he uses his forged ID card to sneak into the ward where Lena's mother might be. Lena has forced herself to forget her mother so the possibility of her being alive is thrilling. The Crypts' environment is grueling. This text proves how terrible it is, "...a horrible, rotting, festering stink. The walls are coated with fungus and moisture. Through the walls we can hear a constant moaning, a constant vibration. It's worse, somehow, than the screeches and screams of earlier: This is the sound people make when they've long ago given up hope that anyone is listening..." and all Lena thinks is: "I would rather her be dead." Dodging naseau, she is able to make it to cell 118 where a prisoner managed to escape. She peeks into the cell and finds that the walls are covered with one word over and over. Love. In the corner, certain parts of the wall is peeled, and chipped away so it spells LOVE. As she explores the cell more she notices something. "...a dull silver chain with a charm still attached to it: a ruby encrusted dagger whose blade has been worn down to a small nub. My father's charm. My mother's neckalace." Lena notices that the O in LOVE is a tunnel. She's shocked when she peices together that her mom used her father's charm to dig a tunnel to escape. Happy from the fact her mother is alive, and heartbroken that this has been kept from her for over ten years, Lena doesn't know what to do with herself. Being lost in the moment, Lena makes the decision to escape to the Wilds with Alex for a chance to find her mother and the choice to be with Alex forever. She goes to 37 Brooks to give him her belongings for the Wilds, but the door is locked. All of the sudden, a voice booms overhead: " 'Freeze! Both of you! Hands on your head!' ". Before a regulator knocks her unconcsious, all Lena sees is regulators swarming around her.
Lena wakes up back in her room and everything's fuzzy. She's relieved until she remembers what happened the night before. "...the lock, the attack, the swarming shadows. And Alex...". Lena doesn't know what happened to Alex and can only hope he got away. There are regulators stationed outside of her room because, of course, she is a prisoner now. Her sister, Rachel, comes in to give her "Advils". Lena suspects that they are tranquilizers but takes them anyways, knocked out minutes later. Lena overhears them mentioning that she'll have her procedure done that Sunday morning, which gives her hardly enough time to see Alex. She wakes up to find her hands tied to her bed, and Hana! Lena uses key words in a code to get Hana to send Alex a note in their note-place: the Governor. She drops hints like, " 'What happened to ALEXandra Doveney? It would be nice to see her before the procedure tomorrow. Things will be different after the cure. Do you remember how we used to pass notes back and forth all day? You know someone told me the governor used to be carrying something. A torch or a scroll. Now he just has that little empty space in his fist. Will you do that run for me today?' ". Which is code for will you give Alex a note for me and put it in the Governor's hand? Hana nods understandingly and leaves, giving Lena a smidgen of hope that Alex will come in the 12 hours before her procedure. It's Saturday night and while Lena is waiting for Alex, her hands are bleeding from the cord. If she can't escape, Lena is trying to think of ways to kill herself. In the text she says to the governmment, "I'd rather die my way than live yours." Her youngest cousin, Gracie, graciously comes in and unties the cord. In that same moment, Lena, from her window spots a boy on a motorcycle coming down her street. Alex. She calls his name softly and he turns his head toward her, grinning. She goes to climb out the window when Aunt Carol, Uncle William and regualators barge into the room. Lena panics, can she escape?
Metaphor: The Square/Robot object represents the government. Cupid represents love. What this is trying to show is that the US government in Delirium is trying to eradicate love, and no matter how close they get to their goals, love is everlasting.
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