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The Rise of Social Media: Will There Ever Be a Fall?

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Justine Martinez

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The Rise of Social Media: Will There Ever Be a Fall?

A Timeline of Social Media
Recognize These?
Now for Some Statistics
How Did it all Start?
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Yes, the internet opened doors, but when did social media become so integrated into mainstream society? The
America Online (AOL)
service opened up in 1985, followed by the introduction of
in 1997, then
in 2003 shortly followed by its successor
, then in 2005 the introduction of the world's leading social media site:
But Why is it so Popular?
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% of Millenials have admitted to sharing a selfie (PewResearch)
Median number of Facebook friends for Millenials is
, median number for boomers generation is
% of internet-using 18-29 year olds claim that the internet has affected relationships (PewResearch)
% of adults online use social media (PewResearch)
% of women online are social media users (Pew Research)
I haven't really come across a concrete answer for this question yet.
Who's Who in Social Media
According to Alexa.com, the top five social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest (in that order), with Instagram closely behind.
The Digital Age
One could argue that the turning point for the digital age came with the introduction of the world wide web on August 6th, 1991. Nearly 23 years later, this fairly modern invention has been applied to our every day lives, to the point where it is hard to envision a world without it.
But one study comes pretty close...
What Does The Future Hold for Social Media?
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Justine Martinez
One Harvard University study concluded that disclosing personal information activates the part of the brain associated with pleasure (LA Times). Simply put, social media is a pleasurable experience.
The Rise of Social Media: Will There Ever Be a Fall?
Social media usage was up by 38% in early 2013, with people predicting that would rise to 50% by the end of the year. More businesses than ever have adapted social media sites for marketing. It's hard to predict the future of social media with so many new sites popping up and so much activity on already popular sites. Ultimately, social media is dependent on its users. Only we can decide the future of social media. We can decide whether it continues to be such an important part of our lives, or whether it is relegated to the back-burner. Social media is a tool to connect us, so only we can decide whether to continue using it or not.
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