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YMCA Early Learning Center Family Orientation

No description

Tania Olson

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of YMCA Early Learning Center Family Orientation

When Your Child Will be Gone
Withdrawing/Transfer from the Program
YMCA Early Learning Center Family Orientation
YMCA a Great Place to
Learn and Grow
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Operational Days
Operate Monday - Friday
We are closed the 6 major holidays a year, all of which are included in your tuition.
*New Years Day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
*Christmas Eve we are open until 12:00 p.m.
Inclement Weather Closings
Check out our website: www.ymcacassclay.org

Call the Storm Line: 701-364-4159

Download our App: search YMCA of Cass Clay

Check out Facebook: facebook.com/ymcacassclay

All facility closing will be available through these media resources
Behavior Guidance
Nurtured Heart Approach
Play the video below to learn more
Parents Welcome
*Stop by anytime
**Come for lunch
***Volunteer Opportunities are available. Ask your child's teacher. Events can include:
*****Classroom Events
April Month of Young Child
Parent Advisory Committee
Late Pick Up Policy:
For every minute past 6:00 p.m. you will be charged $1.00 per minute.
Contact your child's classroom
through your director or ask for the
direct line and let us know if your child
won't be in attendance for that day.
To withdraw/transfer from the center we
require a two week written notice.
Please give this notice to your director.
Tuition is due every other Friday.
A $10 late fee will be assessed on Monday after it is due. You can pay by check or money order in the payment box or pay on line at www.ymcacassclay.org

Room Parents
Help Organize Events:
(some examples are)
2 Staff appreciation days (April/Christmas)
4 Classroom Events
2 Center wide family events
1 Book fair
Field Trips
**Ask your child's teacher for more information!
Parent Advisory
*2 families per classroom
*Meet 4 times per year or as needed
*Light dinner provide and child care
*Ask your director for next meeting
YMCA Youth Programs Discount
Once your child is enrolled into a YMCA Child Care Program they will receive member rates on any youth program. Please ask your director for more details
Health and
Program Policies
To access the YMCA Parent handbook go to: www.ymcacassclay.org. Use the search bar and that will take you right to the YMCA Parent Handbook.
Health Policies
*Please wash your child's hands upon arrival into the classroom each day.
*We do not give any over the counter medications. All medications have to be doctor prescribed.
*You know your child best...if they are not able to participate in normal day activities then they are not well enough to be at school.
Pick Up Authorizations
*Person must have identification
*Person must be 18
*Please give us a call if you are having someone else pick up on a given day
*If ID is not show, or if they are not listed on the authorization list we will not allow the child to leave the facility. We will give a phone call to the parent.
*We transport in buses or small people movers

*If schools close due to inclement weather we do not provide transportation

Birth Certificates
For licensing purposes:
we need a copy of your child's birth certificate
an updated copy of your child's immunizations.
Transitioning Classrooms
We transition when:
**There is an opening in a classroom
**When the child is ready for the transition
**Transition schedules / time lines are based off the individual needs of the child
Safety Policies
Fire Drills are practiced monthly. Tornado drills are done during the months of April-June.

Please make sure all your contact information is up to date.

If we are aware that a child has hit their head, we will call one of the parents to watch for signs of concussion.
*We implement a curriculum, as your child's teacher for more details

*Conferences will be offered two times per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

*Our focus is on the process not the product.
Assessments / Screenings
*We will screen your child with in the first 3 months upon entry into the program

*We use the Ages and Stages Questionnaires as an assessment tool

*Assessments of children are used for planning lessons to ensure we are meeting the children's developing needs.
What to bring to the YMCA
Nap Items:
Travel size pillow, child size blanket, crib sized sheet for your child's cot

Extra Clothes

Tennis Shoes

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Infants: diapers, bottles and any other personal care items

Power of Play
Play is the Framework For Learning:

*Play supports and helps children in all areas of development
*Play is how children explore the world
*Play helps children learn to deal with feelings
*Play encourages children to interact socially
*Play gives children opportunity to solve problems
*Play helps children discover what they can do
*Play gives children a sense of control and power
Outdoor Play
We go outside daily.
We do not go outside if:
* Temperature is below 0 degrees with windchill
* Heat index is over 95 degrees
For staffing reasons all children go outside and we cannot keep your child inside due to illness or threat of illness.

Please send your child with proper clothing for the weather.
Rest Time
All children lay on their cots for 30 minutes.

If after 30 minutes a child is not asleep, they can get up and do quiet activities at the table. We are accommodating both the children that need a rest and non- resting children.
Sweet Free / Treat Free Facility
We ask that for birthday celebrations that you send a healthy option that is store bought.

In addition, we are a peanut free zone to protect those children with allergies.
Thank You!
Thank you for viewing this orientation and choosing the YMCA Early Learning Centers.

Contact your director to share with them any questions you may have and receive a FREE family guest pass to explore the YMCA.
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