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How is electricity transported to houses,shops and factories?

Yash,Arshpreet and Uzair.

arshpreet singh gill

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of How is electricity transported to houses,shops and factories?

How does electricity move through electrical wires? An electron in an atom that goes through the wires,this works when a voltage has been applied. The atom keeps jumping to another in the same direction same direction flowing through the wires.Then when it reaches to the last atom it starts all over. That's why wires are very hot and plus there are lots of different kinds of wires that have different heatness like alot of them shock you if the wire isn't made or put on properly, and also there are different kind of wires like metal wires,rubber and all sorts. Our big question is Our first question is Our second question is What are power pylons and why they are dangerous? Power pylons are tall towers from 15 to 55 meters tall.
They are used to transport electricity. They are manily
made out of steel but can be also made out of concrete and wood. Power pylons are very dangerous. When the power pylons at high level/voltage, around you can feel electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is something you cant see but you can feel it around you. The power pylons are at high voltage when alot of people use electricity mostly in winter. When its at high voltage and you touch it you can get electrocuted. After you get electrocuted it will not effect your health but you might get insomnia and insomnia is when you are having trouble sleeping or falling asleep during the night. Our third question is What is inside a power cable/cord and what does each part do and why? Power cables are very common in everyday life. We see cables with computers,electrical devices and with many more. But did you ever wondered what is in those cables that makes it work. So let's see what makes those computers and refrigerator to work. Cable consists of 3 major components such as conductors,insulation and protective jackets. Did you ever wondered why you didn't get a shock when you touch wires ? This is because of conductors that conduct electricity. And most common conductors in power cables are cooper and aluminum. These are used in power cables because of their physical and chemical properties such as their ductility,luster and conductivity. These two metals mentioned above conduct electricity and they both are ductile. That's why we didn't get shock because these conductors conduct electricity straight to earth but not through us. Another thing that is inside power cable insulation which is working voltage that determine its thickness. this is to make insure that high voltages doesn't burn the wire because cable materials can produce large amount of smoke if burned. Environment conditions also play big part in cables and wires.
Conditions like temperature,water,sunlight exposure and mechanical impact can have greater impact on physical appearance of the wires and to let power cables in their original appearance. So,that's the end of journey of power cables. So also remember that never touch live wires because you are not good conductors and also you are not wearing protective jackets. We got our answers from: Hope you guyes are going to enjoy this. Thanx 4 watching our presentation. If you want to play some games related
to electricity go to games Stay safe around electricity
There are some pitcures of Electricity.
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