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Element Superhero #83 Bismuth

No description

Justin Arcoraci

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Element Superhero #83 Bismuth

Element Superhero #83 Bismuth
I decided on the name Bisemutum, as it is the word bismuth derives from and frankly I couldn't think of anything clever to name him.
What bismuth itself looks like.
Can form a salt in his hands which when comes in to contact with skin can be used to knock out foes.
Extreme electrical resistance.
can withstand heat's of up to 271 °C ( 519 °F) but at that point he becomes a form of liquid metal and can maneuver through tight spaces.
as a metal he is also able to withstand most damage without a scratch.
General description of bismuth.
Bismuth itself is a solid, white, crystalline and brittle metal with a pinkish tinge and is classified as a other metal.
It is actually unknown who had discovered bismuth most sources
say it was discovered only by the ancients, and even then it was
confused with lead tin and antimony but was eventually named by
French scholar Claude-Françoise Geoffrey.
his body dissolves in its entirety when coming in to concentrated nitric air
large enough amounts of the salt he can produce can be poisonous
bismuth itself is brittle and while he can avoid most damage he cannot withstand that amount in the same spot twice.
Where he lives
The truth is he has no definite home , however actual bismuth is found naturally as a metal and in a crystalline form in various metal ores, namely ( nickel, cobalt, silver and tin).
Metal form Crystalline
Note, this was all done extremely last minute.

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