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Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

No description

Yewon Jin

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

Special Things About the Death Waltz
1. You need 46 fingers to play with.
2. No one can perform it as a solo.
3. 90% of the sheet is formed with notes.
4. There is a super note, which is 30 times bigger than normal notes.
5. There are unusual commands.
ex)"Call your mom if it is hard to play"
6. There is a fortississississississississississississimo(ffffffffffff)
About the composer
Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

- Attended California State University.

- Started music since 1967.
Don't be scared!
John Stump was actually a very funny and joyful man, and he made this music with his friends just by fun. He didn't get killed, but he died with natural causes.
Some netizens just interpreted a little scary so people should be interested in.
Let's hear!
I don't have the music of the Death Waltz, but there is a YouTube clip of <PLAN D'S>!
I personally like this computer music.
The melody is quite addictive.
Let's hear!
<Sponge>(KBS2) had once reported about The Death Waltz, but they confused the Death Waltz and the <PLAN D'S>(플랑도르 S). Many people know the <PLAN D'S> as the Death Waltz. But these two are totally different.
John Stump(1944~2006)
Special Things About the Death Waltz
7. There are weird shapes made of notes (For example, there is a shape of a hand, 1:21 and HELPME, a face of a man with glasses)
8. You have to play 788 quarter notes per minute. This music is 3 times faster than normal musics.
9. Even the computer can't play it because of the wide range. For the computer, the music stops by 30 seconds because of the error. A Naver blogger made a music file, but it is not perfect.
Special Things About the Death Waltz
10. There are abnormal beats - 3/6, 54/32, 66/66, 66/1, 1/66, 6/1, 1/4, 23/4, 5/16, 2/32.
11. You should play 70 quarters per second(4200 times per minute).
12. The metronome can never catch up the speed.
The hardest music to play
Netizen's guess : I (John Stump) heard a knock and the sound of footsteps. It was 1:21 in the morning. One intruder out of ten wore glasses. The killer came near to me, and I shouted for help but no one was there. They stabbed me with a knife and they
pulled out my dead body.
This man's face isn't a part of a Death Waltz, but a similar music.
It is quite interesting and this guy is handsome! :-)
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