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civil rights movement presentation

presentation with civil rights information

connor swaim

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of civil rights movement presentation

The Civil Rights Movement By Connor Swaim The civil rights movement was a movement by mainly African Americans in 1955-1968 it had riots and protest for African Americans to get there rights back during the civil rights movement lots of unrest and violence occured in America mainly in the south one of the famous violent acts of the civil rights movement was the bombing of the sixteenth street babtist church at 10:19 AM four girls went down into the basement to change into their choir robes at 10:22 AM a bomb exploded killing the four girls, the four girls were, Addie Mae Collins,Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley, and Denise McNair Addie Mae Collins was an african american female that was born in 1949 in Birmingham Alabama she died in birmingham alabama in 1963 she was 14 when she died.
other interesting facts:
attended Hill elementary school
enthusiastic softball player
budding artist
member of the sixteenth street babtist church at the time Addie was not involved in the civil rights movement but happened to get caught in the violence however one notable fact is that civil rights meetings were held in the basement which also contributed to the bombing
here is a video about the bombing the Klu Klux Klan was responsible for the killing. Many people became outraged nationwide and 8,000 people attended the funeral, there was also an FBI investigation but nobody was charged with a crime at that time. In 1977 the leader of the KKK at the time was charged with the killing. He received a hundred dollar fine and a six month jail sentence for posession of dynamite. The greensboro sit ins were non violent protest that took place in 1960 in greensboro north carolina in woolworths store the protest caused the store to have to reverse its racial segregation policy. One night four african american males walked in and ordered coffee but were denied it. They sat in the store until it closed. The next day they brought more people with them and ordered coffee and were denied again. Each day they brought back more and more people until they got what they wanted. the Greensboro Sit Ins Impact The Greensboro Sit Ins impacted the civil rights movement by sparking similar protest at other places in the south for African Americans to get their rights in resturaunts Governor Orval Faubus and the Little Rock crisis Governor Orval Faubus was the Governor of Arkansas in 1957 during the Little Rock crisis with the Little Rock school district. when African American students tried to enroll in Central High School they were denied by Governor Faubus but when governor Eisenhower steped in the African Americans were allowed into the High School these are the kids known as: "the Little Rock nine" Impact The incident with Governor Orval Faubas in little rock affected the civil rights movement because it helped African Americans start getting rights to schools and education important acts and laws affecting the civil rights movement Civil Rights Act of 1964-1965 Definition: a federal law that authorizd federal action against segregation in public accomadations, public facilities, and employment

this legislation was important because it gave not only African Americans rights in places but also women rights in employment

the changes made were that you could no longer segregate (women,race,religion,etc) in work places and public places

I see this as important because it helps me have full rights in these places and everyone else gets the same amount of rights in public places Affirmative Action Definition: an effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women;an effort to promote the rights or progress of other disadvantaged persons

this legislation was important because it gave the minority and women a better chance in the real world at getting good jobs and making a better living

the changes this law made was that it helped try to give minorities and women a better chance and to make segregation not as much

i see this as important because it was one step closer to getting everyone in America the rights they deserve and fair treatment to everyone ADA -- Americans with Disabilities Act Definition:gives civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age and religion. It guarentees equal opportunities to individuals with disabilities

This legislation was important because it gave any american with a disability the same rights and opportunities as people with no disability

The changes that were made from this act were that segregation and denying rights and oppurtunities to disabled people was now unlawful

I see this as important because now any disabled person does not have to feel the badness of not being able to do the same things as non disabled people and can do what they put their mind to Voting Rights Act of 1965 definition:it eliminated various devices, such as literacy tests, that had traditionally been used to restrict voting by African Americans. In other words it gave African Americans voting rights no matter what.

This legislation was important because now in all states African Americans were allowed to vote no matter what and for them to have to take something like a literacy test became unlawful

The changes that were made were that now African Americans were allowed to vote no matter what and it became illegial to give something like a literacy test

I see this as important because now all African Americans have voting rights and cannot be denied the right to vote definiton: any law that is past that segregates against African Americans

this legislation was important because a Jim Crow law gave African Americans unfair and unequal rights

The changes that this law made was that it allowed people to segregate and for it to be illegial

I see this law as important because it was a bad thing and it caused unfair treatment of African Americans Jim Crow Laws
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