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Lea County New Mexico

No description

Brielle Ulibarri

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of Lea County New Mexico

by Brielle Ulibarri
Lea County was created from Eddie and Chaves counties in 1917. It was named for Captin Joseph Calloway Lea just five years after New Mexico admitted to the Union as a State.
How Lea County Got Its name?
The largest industries in Lea County, NM are Mining, Quarrying, Oil, Gas Extraction , Retail trade , and Educational Services and the highest paying industries, are Utilities ($59,470)
Lea County's life styles?!
LEA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO - Lea County, declared a disaster area after February's massive grass fire that burned more than 71-thousand acres.
Lea County Disasters!!!!!!!!
Lea County has

different towns and these

towns are named
Nadine New Mexico

Monument New Mexico
and Tatum.
Lea County Sites!!!!!!!!
Some of the Lea County Sites are ,The Lea County Cowboy hall of Fame, The Western heritage Museum , Charlie Brown Park, and Harry McAdam Park.
Lea County Celebrations!!!!!!!
Some of the Lea County Celebrations are ,festivals,rodeos,Veteran Memorials , and Hobbs Eagles teams , and horse racing , and casinos.
Some Facts about Lea County!!!!!!!!!
Hobbs Chamber of Commerce represents over 800 businesses in the Hobbs area and prides itself on being the spokesman for business in the community. Lovington Chamber of Commerce represents over 300 businesses in the Lovington area and resides in the Lea County seat of government. Eunice Chamber of Commerce has over 100 members and is home of the National Enrichment facility—a $4 billion nuclear.
.Lea County was created on March 1917.
.Lovington is the county seat and the center of a valuable oil industry which has provided many jobs since 1921. Ranching, agriculture, and dairy production are major enterprises which are thriving.
.Based on the 2010 census, the population was 64,727.

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