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Dennis Rader

No description

Allison Pfeiffer

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Dennis Rader

BTK Killer Dennis Rader Process-focused lust killer Childhood factors Rader says he developed fantasies about bondage, control and torture from an early age, while still in grade school. As he reached puberty he dreamed of tying girls up and having his way with them. He admits to having killed cats and dogs such as by hanging them as a youth. He learned he had to keep his developing inner world of bondage, torture and death a secret from everyone and those who knew him said he was a quiet, but polite young man that chose to keep to himself. Victimology Rader is an organized, nonsocial offender. He was organized with his kill because he chose them by gender, only female, and he carefully planned his attacks. He is also classified as nonsocial because he spent time alone by choice, not because he lacked social skills. Psychological Phases Rader's aura phase began when he would see a woman that he decided was a potential victim and he would fantasize about what he would do to them. His trolling phase consisted of watching the victim and learning their daily patterns of when they left the house and came home. His wooing phase was telling the target that he was either an escaped criminal that needed help or that he had sexual problems. His capture phase was binding the victim so they couldn't escape. His murder phase was usually the same each time-strangulation or suffocation. Rader's totem phase was taking pictures of the bodies and collecting personal items from the victim. His depression stage consisted of down time occasionally lasting over a year before the fantasies started again. DSM IV-TR Rader had a normal childhood and was given known to be very helpful for his parents. He had a normal childhood development, however he sometimes lacked the enjoyment that came from interacting with other children. His parents were authoritative and did their best to keep up with their five sons. His personality may have been affected by the fact that he was kind of an 'outcast' in school. He was not considered different, but quiet, and did not fit in very well. He commonly used the defense mechanism of repression as a kid, when he took his unacceptable desires of torture and behavior and blocked them from thought. He also used displacement by taking his desire to torture women and instead torturing animals. Rader seemed to have skip the 'Identity vs. Role Confusion' stage of development because he had a very weak sense of self. He was never punished for these behaviors, so he was reinforced by the euphoric feeling of getting away with something. To successfully diagnose him, they could do a brain scan to see if he showed signs of abnormal brain patterns. Rader may have suffered from antisocial personality disorders because he never showed remorse for his horrific actions and violently tortured his victims without any regrets. His first target was a Hispanic woman who he chose because he admired her dark hair and beauty. However, when he entered her home, he as surprised to find that her husband and two youngest children were still home. The husband and son of the first victim were the only two males he killed, all of his other eight victims were women he found himself attracted to. I II III IV V His progression as a serial killer may have come later in life, when he was kicked out of college because of poor grades and he was unemployed and unhappy with the abundance of time on his hands. Rader would go on walks during the day and observe the women and he would focus in on a good prospect and enter into his fantasy realm of bondage, torture and death.
Kill Rader would often take pictures of the victim's body in numerous poses before hiding it, claiming it was his way to remember what he did. He would also go through the house and take a few personal items from the victim as a souvenir. Allison Pfeiffer
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