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Saving The oiled Penguins

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of Saving The oiled Penguins

Saving The Oiled Penguins
By: Will Volley

The Danger begins
Date- June 23, 2000
In June 23, 2000 started a disaster. A boat named treasure sank right by Cape town letting in 1300 tons of oil into the ocean and is heading right to Robben island home of many african penguins. A scientist named Silvia Gaus said "Kill, don't clean. The survival rate of oiled soaked birds is under
one percent.We, therefore, oppose cleaning
birds." but, however penguin experts and
many passionate people disagreed and are on
there way to help.
Dead Silent
Date 2000
When the experts about penguins came to help the volunteers. When they came in they were expecting to come into a loud room of honking penguins, but to their surprise the penguins were dead silent. Taking a look at the penguins they saw the effects of the oil were immence.They saw they had to clean the oil off the birds and train them to take they fish off there hand and you should know, it is not easy. The volunteers would help the penguins as much as they could even when the penguins would hurt them with their sharp beaks, but the amazing volunteers wouldn't give up know matter how much it hurt! It was very hard to wash the penguins because it would take two volunteers at lest an hour to clean a bird, but they were willing to do it and got it done.They started to notice that they were running out of supplies, but a 17 year old teenager made more of his degraesear product to save countless penguin lives!
Another disaster
Date 2000
Midway through when they were cleaning the penguins
it occurred to them that the oil kept spreading to
another island where many other african penguins live. Many people were panicking and didn't know what to do because they couldn't wash all the penguins from lack of supplies. Then, a scientist had a crazy idea.They would ship the penguins 500 miles away and the hope was by the time they got back the oil affects would be gone. The great volunteers would get cut even more to get the penguins to safety. When they let them free they put trackers on three of them to locate where they are and how much farther they needed to go.
Had they save the penguins?
Date 2000
After the penguins made there way back the oil was gone! It was a huge success for them because over 90% of the penguins are free and returned to the wild and lived as long as any old penguin and breed almost as successfully. They also knew more ways to deal with oiled animals. As a matter of fact abut 3000 penguin chicks were saved and hand raised.All the volunteers were happy
and the awesome thing was they didn't
have to do anything.
Pictures from google free pictures
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