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campus europae @ TUT (buss)

10m presentation, en, beta

joao bacelar

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of campus europae @ TUT (buss)

a whole year studying, travelling and making friends in a foreign country... 18 excellent
universities all over Europe professors and staff who work together across universities... CE = Erasmus + full recognition of the ECTS earned abroad - and Europe's largest database of academic equivalences! the possibility to study abroad without prior knowledge of the language of the host country combine studies abroad with a study related internship and the possibility to go abroad a second year! is the best and most complete student exchange programme in Europe! ...will be the greatest experience of your life :-) (same grants and administrative processes) online language courses + face to face learning [great for boosting professional contacts and further your employability] The CE Degree is for individuals who are mobile, knowledgeable about the culture and language of several countries and feel at home across Europe. giving you better support by means of:
a student council
a buddy network
pocket guides
information about living costs
Ombudsman for mobility thanks to Campus
Europae ok, but hows does it work? wait, not convinced yet? then how you would like to... earn a Double Degree by studying abroad 2 years? 5 reasons why you should go abroad with CE! Campus Europae is a programme for ambitious, open minded and adventurous students. If you are one of them... Tag Yourself in Europe!
www.campuseuropae.org 1 2 3 4 5 Lodz - Poland Kaunas - Lithuania Joensuu and Kuopio - Finland Saint Petersburg - Russia Riga - Latvia Alcalá - Spain Aveiro - Portugal Veliky Novgorod - Russia
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