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Jersey VLE 2012/13

No description

Nigel Arnett

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Jersey VLE 2012/13

is the current Island wide VLE
Generally considered unsatisfactory
Replacement VLEs are currently being evaluated and trialled
December 5th 2012 - Selection meeting
January - July 2013 - New VLE to run alongside Uniservity whilst training and support given
Uniservity will cease to be used after July 2013 http://www.youtube.com/user/itslearning?feature=results_main 10 Minute overview Clear Homepage
Video conferencing
Reporting and Assessment tools
Can be pre-populated with resources
Surveys, blogs, Wikis
Messaging (including ability to see what has/hasn't been read)
Files can be tagged and have QR code
Imports youtube videos (effectively getting round filtering)
Search function Itslearning Youtube channel Itslearning Planner Pupils can record directly from mic/webcam
Easy to use assessment tools
Plagiarism tool (costs extra but quite impressive)
2012 Design refresh
Floating content blocks
Drag and drop content re-ordering
CMIS integration (Lynchpin)
Integrated email New VLE What is a VLE?
A virtual learning environment is a streamlined and focused online set of tools and spaces that are used in supporting teaching and learning.
Resources, links and help available 24/7.
Storage of pupils work
Communication tools (Discussion boards, wikis, blogs, chat)
Assessment tools (quizzes, electronic submission) and tracking
Integration of third party tools and web 2.0 content Facts Full features
http://www.mylearningltd.co.uk/view/features/?c2=1 Just launching the new Frog OS
Have recently become massive by winning a contract to provide for all schools in Malaysia.
Integrates with Google apps and other Frog partners. 'The glue that links all the schools systems together'
Huge array of modules covering assessment and communication
Parent Portal integrates with CMIS and can provide  as much info as required
Behaviour events
Attendence On Island 10 October.
To be trialled at JCG Video explaining link with Google apps Open Source (free) and vast
CMIS integration possible
Would need an Moodle Partner to set up
Currently used at Highlands & Beaulieu. Both are happy with it.
To create a linked Island-wide network possible but complicated initial set up.
Easy to use but would rely on schools having a larger role managing their ownVLE
Support available through forums
Has all the features needed but not in a pre-prepared package http://schoolsict.net/ On Island 1st-4th October

Being trialled at Grainville, Le Rocquier and D'Hautree House On Island 26/27th

Being trialled at Les
Le Rocquier &
Hautlieu VLE Co-ordinators Nigel Arnett - Secondary
Jean Treleven - Primary Roles
To gather information and opinion (what do we want?)
Facilitate trials to evaluate products
Keep everyone informed and involved
Assist with the implementation of, and training for the new VLE Great tool but not got the depth of features of a full VLE Data storage in the US Company basically managing Google apps (for (5K!) The VLE has moved on.. Key tools and functions have improved. Common features across the leading VLEs Integration with CMIS Populating groups automatic
Roll over each year Parent portal
2 way communication with home
Much more parent involvement Reporting and assessment tools
Mark books (auto mark & manual)
Instant progress tracking reports Mobile friendly Floating content blocks
Apps available
Most VLE functions available Improved media functions Upload straight from webcam/mic
Can import Youtube videos so pupils can access
Most uploads drag and drop
More file formats useable Integration with other Apps Can link with outside apps and social media secondaryVLE@jeron.je
Twitter: @nigelarnett
Uniservity: Jersey learning platform/Secondary Areas VLE provides the infrastructure Community Parents Pupils Teachers Schools In one place
Accessible by all
Safe VLE VLE VLE VLE More suited to Universities Introducing their product via webinar on Friday 19th October
Trial may follow Other products have been considered
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