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Walgreens Customer Journey Map – Group 1 (Tech Savvy Customer)

Tech Savvy


on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Walgreens Customer Journey Map – Group 1 (Tech Savvy Customer)

Customer Journey
Female - 40 years old
BR member
Linked on Facebook
White Christian
Good Career $75000 - $100000
Soccer Mom
2 Children ( 4 & 10 years old)
Uses smartphone and tablet
On BIC and antidepressants
Changes her family's health
Prestige and Mrs. Beauty
kids phone and gaming system

Plans ahead of trip
Cares about privacy
No time
Get it and get out
Care less about pharmacy
Cares about time to wait in line
calls husband, do you need it?
Gets text ready rX
Shops ad while waiting rX
Out of my item
Asks questions about clinic services
Uses BR card and pays
Smart phone
Toy aisle
Coupon alert via text
Rewards card/telephone
Shared account list between household heads

Scan receipt to get survey
Submit return request for help via account or BR

Opt-in for survey at POS via email or text
Tiered incentives with each question completed

Remotely approve kids purchase

23 and me model -One question
at a time on app

Swipe kiosk or Balance Rewards card to determine number of points

Shopping apps with personalized product offering to person in store

Incremental badging systems

Collect email / cell @ POS

Scan/compare products via mobile device

Beauty.com kiosk in cosmetics

Tie activities to new products and samples

Invitation to survey asked in store, take survey later

Invite customer like Facebook page

Bonus point for future visits

Gets refill reminder on phone/ tablet
Walks in store, grabs circular
Sets up refill
“Keep the change” for kids allowance

Location based promotions

BR clarity on shopping bags

Ping after purchase on app

Voice feedback

Passbook prompt for feedback

Always judge people in store
Incremental survey questions and ask if want more with incentives
Parking lot touch point, interact sooner, all about timing
Digital signage to determine where you are - in line, rX ready
Associate feedback ability
Email receipt with survey
Enable photo kiosk for online shopping
Cashier up-sell BR cards and points
monitor social media for likes/dislikes
Pushed personalized offers in-store
Out of stock - Scan and ship online or ship to store
Feedback via mobile device in store
iPad kiosk setup for feedback
Balance rewards points for taking survey

Does grocery shopping fill-in
Picks up rX @ pharmacy, line
Schedules immunization
Pharm POS
Finds another Item
Front POS
Leaves store
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