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Continuous Improvement

No description

jeff martija

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement
What is Continuous Improvement?
-The belief that an organization must constantly measure the effectiveness of its processes and strive to meet more difficult objectives to satisfy customers

-It is about setting clear goals, having ways to measure progress toward those goals, refining goals and strategies

Training & Development Benchmarks
Purpose: improving and/or redesigning their current training programs, and to assist in designing new training modules

Learning Culture
- Respect and Trust

-Communication Skills and Participation in Decision Making

-Open-Mindedness to new information and perspectives

-Deepening Pedagogical Curriculum and Knowledge

-Sharing information and power

-Sharing Responsibility
Creating a Learning Culture
-Trust and Openness is key

-Encourage Knowledge-Sharing


-Empower one another

-Praise trial and Error

-Expect Feedback

-Set Goals
1.Identify issues and practices to benchmark
a. look for practices with significant impacts on
your organization's

2.Select a benchmarking team

a. Select team members who have the commitment and time to serve; desirable team members

b. Select team members to fill the following roles

3.Research and document the processes or
practices you've selected and identify
performance measures

4.Select benchmarking partners

Decide what you want to find out and answer the question:

What organizations are likely to have that information and what are their characteristics?

1. Review Evaluation
-The program evaluation provides training outcome like better decision making and safety working environment to further continuous improvement

-Moreover, feedback loop is the most important source to apply in content update.

2. Find Problem
-For updating and developing content,we should find out these comment problems shown in program evaluation. Use the best solution to fix them immediately

-Focusing - Define, prioritize, focus and analyze problems

-Idea Generating - Generating ideas

-Decision Making - Making the best possible decision

-Implementing - Ensure that solutions are implemented

Content Update
Key Elements for content update:

-Review Evaluation
-Find Problem
Basics of Continuous Improvement
1/ Everyone is involved
2/ It is incremental
3/ It is cyclical
4/ It is measurable

What are the advantages of continuous improvement?
1/ Generates buy-in and support from all employees
2/ Creates synergy between management and staff
3/ Provides factual, objective basis for decision making
4/ Reinforces your image as an organization driven by performance

How and when should continuous improvement strategies be used?
1/ Start now
2/ Communicate before you create strategies
3/ Think big picture, then little picture
4/ Create goals and strategies
5/ Assign roles clearly
6/ Evaluate progress and refine strategies

What are the obstacles to continuous improvement and how can we overcome them?
Obstacle 1:

-The emphasis on continuous improvement makes managers and staff think that executives are not satisfied with their work


-Make sure that the purpose of the program is clearly communicated to all employees from your executives

Obstacle 2: Employees seem confused or concerned about changes related to continuous improvement

-Need to know how continuous improvement will affect them and how they do their job

- Make sure department managers are fully informed and equipped to answer employee questions

- Begin to look beyond their own work and contribute to the larger mission of their company.

Obstacle 3: Employees understand the importance of continu­ous improvement and want to improve, but they express that they do not have the resources or know-how to improve certain operations
-Human and financial resources will vary

-Leaders must be realistic about what can be improved and how quickly can it be done

-When availability of resources exists, provide your staff with useful training

-Consider developing opportunities for departments within the company to share best practices with each other.
Obstacle 4: Employees have helped you develop new strategies and they are using those strategies in the way they work, but executives really do not know how well they are working
-Employee input should not end in the development phase of continuous improvement strategies

-Potential feedback mechanisms could be monthly meetings, a suggestion box or sending out an email asking for regular feedback

Useful Tips
-Communicate with regard to continuous im­provement. By explaining the importance of continuous improvement

-Involve employees as much as possible

-Highlight improvements whenever possible

3. Revise
What are good and bad things in each program?

What is helpful for sustaining the future training?

Finally, the revise should be focused on cultural change.

5.Plan data collection; collect data

a. List what you want to find out about practices, processes, performance measures, and problem areas

b. Formulate questions to uncover the
information you want

c. Choose data collection methods and collect
the data.

6.Compare performance to identify superior
performers and performance gaps between
you and your partners; determine what
enables some to do better

7.Select areas for improvement and set targets
a. Ask yourself
b. Set target performance

8. Develop and implement strategies for change

9. After implementing changes, re-measure
performance and repeat Steps 5 through 8

- This is a continuous improvement process

Thank You!
Any Questions?
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