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"The Necklace" Prezi

Facts to better understand "The Necklace"

Josef Horvath

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of "The Necklace" Prezi

Background information for
"The Necklace"

The author is Guy de Maupassant.
Can you guess where he is from?
His short stories are influenced by his French heritage
Where do you think "The Necklace" is set?
In France.
Paris to be exact.
In the story, we learn that Mathilde is from Brittany
She is called a "little Breton girl"
Wondering who Mathilde is?
She is our main character!
In other words, the story is told from her perspective but WITHOUT USING "I" or "me."
What do we call this point of view?
Third-person limited point of view focuses on the thoughts and feelings of a single character.
She reveals the class system of her time period (around 1850-1900) through her thoughts and feelings.
People were born into a certain class, and that was usually where they remained.
A woman could improve her status by marrying into a higher class
Women in the high class typically wore more elaborate dresses
Like this
If she were going to a party
But for now, let's look at a few places mentioned in the story:
Seine River
Rue des Martyrs
Palais Royal
Champs Elysees
To study and analyze point of view, characterization,character motivation, and irony
To close read and annotate
Big Question:
Can money buy happiness?
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