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Loma Linda Family Medicine

No description

Sumedh Mankar

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Loma Linda Family Medicine

Building Community The foundation of the Loma Linda Community can be understood by the story of the good Samaritan... Building Community Working together... We are challenged to a seemingly insurmountable task: take care of more people with less money, less resources while improving quality and relationships at the same time. BUT Where did we start? Seems Overwhelming ? Loma Linda Family Medicine Residency: Uniquely suited to train resident physicians to meet the current & future challenges here in the U.S. and abroad. How??? San Bernardino County Public Health Department Riverside County Medical Center Family Medicine Clinic- Professional Plaza LLUMC East Campus Hanford Medical Center Loma Linda University Medical Center (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Time is so valuable... And fleeting. Residency is but

When you look back, what will you have left behind in your footsteps?

God is not limited to time, if we have the ability to listen, we can ask, and he will tell us how to spend it... Kaiser Permanente - Fontana SAC Norton Center for Health Promotion (CHP), LLUMC International Rotation - Malamulo Hospital, Malawi Imagine... Ideas Big and.... ... small Being part of a true "Patient Centered Medical Home" to a community that desperately needs you. Being able to help the patients that never walk into your clinic Being able to reach beyond the clinic doors... Being trained to seamlessly interact with multiple electronic health records "With PCMH, Loma Linda Program Helps Physicians Prepare for Practice... Nurturing system-savvy servant leaders in whole-person care."
- Dr. Lauren Simon " In my training here, I have learned to work with Cerner's PowerChart, PedsProgNote, Kaiser's Epic , LLEAP, CPRS, HPF, County System's paper charting, & now planning for NextGen!!!" Global opportunities seamlessly integrated into your residency, with passionate peers inspiring you to more... Remember... "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success..."
-Schweitzer, Albert "Training the Whole Person for the Whole World!!!" With A Common Purpose! More then just a Building, We are creating a HOME. Conferencing Together... Playing Together... Eating Together... Learning Together... Coming Together... So how is this different from other programs??? It starts from our foundation... It can be seen in what we value... To Create a Worldwide Health Epidemic But we are doing it!!! With a big idea And with a little hard work What we are building here is remarkable Are you prepared to Navigate across the Broken System? Here we are being trained across multiple sites How about help create solutions for the system? Here we value advocacy and encourage our residents to get involved Finishing residency and feeling truly prepared to lead in any work setting. Building a voice... Being supported, encouraged & connected by your program to advocacy work ... Here our faculty train interested residents to navigate at the state capital... Come together with your future peers to fight for our profession Here we are:
Working together... Residency Clinic is moving 2013 to SACHS Norton site We are a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike ... This means more $$$ and more resources!!! Here at Loma Linda you will find:
Residents, Attendings and Staff that are Called to Excellence, Compassion and Wholeness Sharing the moments that matter most... What is it that you want in your training… Learn skills to serve abroad? Do you see yourself changing policy here at home? Want to help advance the practice of primary care? Learn how to create Grant proposals and navigate the IRB process? Want to learn the skills of outreach and street medicine? EBM? Are you ready to thrive in an ever complex system ? Tired of this broken healthcare system? Ready to learn the skills to lead the change we desperately need? IN SUMMARY The Holidays Our focus on family and relationships is also carried over to the bedside... “What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?”
- John Green Then join us so we can continue to... Love Rounds!!! The future of family medicine goes beyond what we can do at the bedside Loma Linda Street Medicine How will you find your fit? IMAGINE We wish to see in the world - Gandhi Loma Linda
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