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Through the Tunnel Conflict (Person vs Self)

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Katelyn Reineke

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Through the Tunnel Conflict (Person vs Self)

Through the Tunnel Conflict (Person vs Self)
What is Person vs Self?
Person vs Self is an internal conflict. It is usually associated with an external conflict and the character must choose between two choices or overcome his/her nature. (Good vs Evil or overcoming fear)

In "Through the Tunnel", Jerry battles his fear. He fears dying in the tunnel. But he eventually conquers his fear and safely makes it through the tunnel. This is the climax of the story.
Textual Evidence 1
"He was frightened. Supposing he turned dizzy in the tunnel? Supposing he died there, trapped?... He thought he would go back to the house and...-when he had another year's growth in him- then he would go through the hole (Lessing 34). Jerry struggled with his fear, which was preventing him from reaching his goal- going through the tunnel.
Textual Evidence 2
He knew that now, this moment...this was the moment when he would try. If he did not do it now, he never would. He was trembling with the fear that he would not go (Lessing 34). Jerry fights hard against his fear, because he wants to go through the tunnel, besides the dangers and the risk. He knew that if he gave up now, he would be letting his fear win.
A natural symbol that represents this conflict is the rock, because Jerry's fear is a rock that is preventing him from reaching his goal, just like the rock is preventing him from getting to the other side.
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