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No description

belton meira

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Kindergarten

My Elementary years
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
TEACHER: Miss Matthews

In kindergarten I liked sometimes when we got to sleep. Our field trip was really cool we went to the zoo!
1st Grade
TEACHER: Miss Meacham

I loved when we had show and tell. Sometimes Miss Meacham would come in the classroom saying she was Miss Marvelous Me.
Field trip: Aquarium
2nd Grade
Teacher: Miss Tomaz

She read really cool books to us. In the parties we would watch movies vegeetails.

Field Trip: Cidade das Crianças
3rd Grade
Teacher: Miss Deboer
She was our teacher two times, one in 3rd grade and one at 5th grade she was really cool I relly liked her!

Field Trip: SESC
Teacher:Mr. Buchanan
In this grade we had a thing called marble jar and when we got it full with marbles we could choose a reward that was a game. for example water fight, wat
Teacher: Mrs. Stockment
She is a really cool teacher and she sometimes reads books to us and sometimes Mrs. Kunhast comes to our class and we play little games.

Field Trip: Wet´n Wild
4th Grade
5th Grade
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