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Jewelry I Final Project

Performance Task Assessment and Final Project

Melanie Rapp

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Jewelry I Final Project

Jewelry I
FInal Performance Task
The purpose of the final performance task assessment is to prove your understanding of the material taught in jewelry class as well as to show growth. The utmost attention needs to be paid to both craftsmanship as well as thought process. Your ideas must be clearly outlined in your sketches and your Prezi presentation.

Let's get Started!
Your Role:
You are a high school jewelry student at CVHS.

YOU are commissioned by an important person in your life to create a jewelry design. You must interview your chosen person (family member or friend) to find out what they like, their style, their personal beliefs (for symbolism). You will design and create a piece of jewelry that will reflect who they are. If the person loves the piece you create, hopefully they will wear it (and really appreciate it!). This is a great opportunity for you to display your skill.

Should the teacher not choose your design, your jewelry will not be purchased. If she chooses your piece, you will be paid. You are running against 35 other students for a chance to sell your jewelry.

The jewelry will be determined based on innovative design, design fitting client's needs, craftsmanship, techniques used, and quality.

1. See the class website

2. Research Jewelry from different time periods. More about this later...

1. Create a design.
2. Problem Solve: You will make a first piece, reflect on the piece, improve and make a final piece.
3. Reflect on problem/solution and growth.
4. You must use at least two of the following techniques:
Annealing, Texture, Soldering, Riveting, enameling, or Piercing. Other techniques would be great, but are not required. 3D Design IS an option!
5. Final piece must be sanded/polished and completed as a jewlery piece.
6. Create a Prezi presentation to give to your client. This will include sketches, the theme, and what the jewelry piece looks like after it is completed.
WOW your client!
1. Research & Design!

Research jewelry designs, and find inspiration for your jewelry piece.
Using the sketch worksheet, come up with at least one final design.
Seek a peer review and teacher approval.
2. Create your Prezi

Take photos of your sketches and add to your Prezi presentation.
Write about your design process and inspiration.
Write about your process.

3. Create your first piece. This will be a mockup of sorts. Do your best on this piece. Take a photo to place in your Prezi presentation.
COLLABORATE with your peers to get constructive criticism.

4. Reflect:
WHAT worked?
WHAT didn't?
WHAT needs improving?
HOW are you going to improve it?
Will the client buy your piece?
If not, what needs to be changed?
5. Research techniques to improve your piece. Create your FINAL piece. Do your absolute best work, keeping in mind all that you have learned. Take a photo of your final piece for your Prezi presentation.
REMEMBER: This is a FINAL - you must show what you have learned AND be innovative/please the client.
Making your Prezi Presentation!
1. Create an account using your school email account.
2. Choose your template OR start from scratch.
3. Have photos ready to insert into your Prezi.
Photos of:
First piece
Final piece
Once you have finished your piece and your Prezi, have a peer review your work (again). Accept constructive criticism and rework if necessary.
Lastly, you will present your piece to the your client. This means you will need to speak about your design process, techniques, and inspiration.
You can do it and you will be great!
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