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Perception - Friar Laurence's Soliloquy

Optical Illusions for discussion.

Amy E. Counts

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Perception - Friar Laurence's Soliloquy

What do you see?
perception / reality?
designed by amy counts
for educational use
Take a piece of paper and cut out a shape. Then, hold it up to the image. How did your understanding of the piece change?
Are we always "right" about what we see?
What is the downside if we do not consider all points of view?
What do you see?
What is the main topic of Laurence's speech?
What does this speech reveal about the Friar?
What comparison does he make between people and plants?
Write down
2 Observations or Intepretations
regarding Friar Laurence's soliloquy on sticky note.
What is Friar Laurence saying about human nature?
Main Ideas
Applying it to past works.
Rainsford - "The Most Dangerous Game"
Montressor - "The Cask of Amontillado"
the sniper - "The Sniper"
narrator - "Scarlet Ibis"
Walter -
A Raisin in the Sun
Richard Wright - "Rights to the Streets of Memphis
Creon or Antigone
- Antigone
- Odyssey
Tree Map
Character(s) Name / Friar Laurence Soliloquy
Observation 1
Observation 2
Observation 3
Evidence from short story or play to support this observation.
What did the character(s) do?
What did the character(s) say?
How did others react to this character(s)?

Silent Reading
Think Pair Share
Think Pair Share
Revise Observations / Interpretations
Student Led Discussion
How have words shown two sides of characters?
How does he use plants as a metaphor?
Tree Map
the narrator from the Sniper / Friar Laurence Soliloquy
People have both good and evil
Observation 2
Observation 3
kills his enemy
Exit Ticket - Revised Observations
Gallary Walk or Share Out
Written Reflection:
How does perception play a part in
Romeo and Juliet
so far?
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