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Copy of Main Idea and Supporting Details

Introduction to the basics after reading pre-test.

Yvette Thorne

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Main Idea and Supporting Details

What's the point? Main Idea and Supporting Details Get a folder from the front table (by the door) and put the following information on it:

1. On the tab of your folder, write your First and Last Name NEATLY.

2. On the front of your folder, write the names of three careers that you would like to pursue in life.

3. On the back of you folder, write three things you can do really well. Bell Work: Level Two . . . will be kept in the back of the room, so you can store materials and information IN CLASS! Folders I do not require, but I recommend that you keep a notebook in the class on the bookshelf. I will be able to
the main idea and supporting details
from an informative text. Lesson Objective (Pre-Test) I will be able to
prior knowledge to demonstrate
my reading ability. Using a 3-2-1 describe:
3 - things you are 100% sure you know!
2 - things that you are unsure about.
1 - thing that you do not know at all. Pre-Test D.O.L. Using the following short passage extract the topic, main idea, and three supporting details. D.O.L. A satellite is a stellar spacecraft that orbits the earth. You should know that satellites are used for many different things including science, entertainment, and war/safety. Scientists use satellites to look at the universe. They use them to look into the oceans too. We may use satellites to talk on the phone. We sometimes use them to watch TV. Satellites are also used by GPS receivers that tell us where we are. Spies use them to find secret information during wars. Likewise, governments use satellites to track enemies and keep their countries safe. Although satellites are far away from the earth, we use them in a variety of ways.

"The main idea in this passage is _____________________________. Three details that support this main idea are __________________, ________________, and most importantly_____________________." Understanding our Objective

Lesson Objective Four Corners
Question Vocabulary Check:

What does the action verb mean? extract What does the word extract mean? one two to tell my opinion about something Answer by choosing the correct corner.

Before we move - write your answer down. to explain and give details about something. (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr three four to take something out to put information into something "The word, 'extract' means ______________________." If you can summarize an entire passage in one sentence . . .
and all of the details support this one sentence. . .
then you have found the main idea. Remind Me:
What is a main idea? A main idea is the overall idea of a passage. Think



Compare Read the passage below to extract the main idea and supporting details. Let's Practice A wide variety of animals like the companionship of others, but, the names assigned to these groups of animals remain unique. For example, a group of fish is a school. You wouldn't call a group of ants a school, but you could call them a colony. A group of hens is not a colony, however; it is a brood. Comparably unique, there is also a pod of dolphins, a string of ponies, a gaggle of geese, a troop of monkeys, and, my personal favorite, a romp of otters.

topic (1-2 words):

main idea:

detail #1:

detail #2:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is ZERO tolerance for talking during an assessment.

Pre-Assessments are CRITICAL tools -

Assessment Expectations consequences:
automatic zero
phone call home
lunch detention When you finish -

Silently turn your paper in to the correct basket.
Pick up a book by the sink.
Read and explore the book until everyone is finished. Extract the topic, main idea, and three supporting details. Independent Practice Can you tell when a storm is coming? There are some people who are very good at predicting when a storm is coming. They may feel sore in their joints. Some say they can smell it. There are several ways to know if a storm is on its way. You can listen to weather reports. The reporters use equipment that can watch weather from a distance. Often, the wind will start to blow. Trees may start to sway, and small branches and leaves start to fall. The sky will get dark, and you may see clouds become dark grey or black and thick. If you see a lightning streak or hear thunder, it's a good idea to go inside!
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