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Australia Post and Postage

No description

Angela Ferrer

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Australia Post and Postage

Australia Post & Postage
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
About Australia Post History
Australia Post has issued a few stamps that looked like a gem. A special technology was made and used to create fake opals on stamps that was issued in 1995 and a real diamond in 1996.
About 1,000 million or 1 billion stamps are produced in Australia every year and over 1.3 million people collect them. These days the stamps are mainly used for mail, Australian stamps have become well known around the world for their unusual designs.
Queen Victoria was the face on the first stamp ever issued, called The Penny Black. It was made in Great Britain in 1840.
32,992 Australia Post employees were born on 1st January.
Street post boxes were first introduced in France in 1653 but was discontinued because of mice and vandals problems.
There are over 15,000 street post boxes around Australia.
Early letters were written on a piece of paper then was folded and sealed with wax seal.
Around 17% of Australians change their address each year.
Maria Ferrer
Dominador Ferrer
Australia's postal service was born on 25th April, 1809. The first post office was on George St in Sydney, a convict named Isaac Nichols was the one to take charge of all mails in NSW. The people that was listed could collect their letters in Isaac's house, which they payed a shilling per letter and the high - ranking people would get personal deliveries.

In 1828 the first Australian postman began delivering letters in the neighborhood and in 1831 the first post box for letters came out. In those days stamps were not required as it was the receiver that paid for the letter.
BY: Angela Ferrer
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