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Drama - Farce Presentation

A presentation for our Drama assignment for the topic of Farce

Scott Charman

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Drama - Farce Presentation

Farce What is it?? How did it start??? Who was famous for it??? All these questions will be answered in the next 4 minutes With this Informative presentation Farce is literature that combines an improbable plot with exxageration and stereotyped characters to achieve humour The origins of farce are debatable It is widely accepted that Farce developed in Medieval France However, there are 2 different views that people have subscribed to. Some people say that it originated in the folk and Pagan festivals that travelled the countryside While others say that it has roots in the religious dramas that were popular in France at the time Although it was popular at this time, farcial sequences were only found in plays as an interlude It was only until the 19th century that full-length plays were found The most notable playwrights that helped Farce kick off were Eugène Labiche and A.W. Pinero A Farce performance is a Fast performance. The audience is not supposed to know what is going on unitl the end This is when the story unravels itself The more seriously the characters are, the more successful the play would be Back to the players and playwrights Brian Rix, a British actor, has starred in numerous farce plays. He appeared in 11 films and over 70 farces that aired on the BBC. most of these contained scenes where he had no trousers on John Poole is one of the most famous farce playwrights His most famous work was "Paul Pry" He was one of the earliest and well known
farce playwrights of the 19th century He was also the first person to write a shakespearean parody since the restoration This is the conclusion of our presentation We hoped you enjoyed it
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