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Among the Betrayed

By- Margaret Peterson Haddix

Farryn Presnell

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Among the Betrayed

Margaret Peterson Haddix Among the Betrayed Summary-
Nina Idi is not a normal girl. She has been in hiding her entire life. She ends up getting a fake ID and going to a school called Harlow School for Girls. While shes there she is arrested because the Population Police think she is associated with a boy who is supposedly trying to turn in third children who aren't really third children. While in jail she finds out that they didn't arrest her for being an illegal third child but, for committing a crime she didn't actually commit. There is a "hating man" who comes in Nina's cell everyday and gives her food and sometimes talks to her. The "hating man" may not be the person she thinks he is though. There are other third children who are in jail also who won't tell who they really are. Nina is sent in to betray them and find out who they are. Everyday the "hating man" takes her to the interrogation room and feeds her and asks if shes found anything out yet. One day a man is poisoned and collapses on the table and drops his keys on the ground. Nina picks them up with a wonderful plan to escape. The "hating man" has no time to take her to her cell so he just puts her in the hall. She tells the others she has the keys and they all escape together. They go to the woods where Nina first met Jason in hopes they wont be found. They start to eat out of a garden that a boy she knew had planted. Nina gets caught eating out of it one day and is taken in for questioning. Nina escapes and is running for her life and to save the others lives. She is stopped by the "hating man" and finds out she passed the test; the test she didn't know was even happening. Characters-
Nina Idi
Percy Setting- The setting is in the woods and in the jail cell. The woods are the setting after they escape and the jail cell is the setting before they escape. The Society Nina lives in has a limit of two children per family and the consequences of any child past the second are death.
The reason for that rule is because they didnt have enough food to feed everybody; they didn't want to but, they had to. The Population Police are the people who help the government find and kill any illegal children.
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