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Overcoming Obstacles to Critical Thinking

critical thinking

Jennifer Aguirre

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Overcoming Obstacles to Critical Thinking

Foundation The Seductive Quality of Personal Reason: Stereotypes The Urge to Simplify Belief Perseverance Belief In Just the World "Need" to be certain.
The belief of a just world is that we distort our reasoning in numerous occasions.
No one should ever play with others emotions because it can come across as manipulation Reviewing Familiar Obstacles Overcoming Obstacles to Critical Thinking
Chapter 14 Asking the Right Questions Habits of the mind is known to tie into stereotyping.
When we stereotype we use certain set of characteristics.
When stereotyping someone it is closing our minds prematurely
Men with facial hair are wise.
Women are bad drivers. Decisions and situations with simple answers
Moving on to the next topic or life event
Simplifying can limit us when finding a Hypothesis.
The reason why we simplify is because of Dichotomous thinking,
-tendency to perceive and evaluate every thought or situation. This tendency for personal beliefs is a tough obstacle to critical thinking.
Belief perseverance is our exaggerated sense of our own competence.
Counter belief perseverance is the strong sense of critical thinking which requires the recognition that judgements are tentative or contextual. Wishful Thinking Availability Heuristic refers to our tendency on relying to much on information and memories that are retrieved by decisions and judgements.
Availability heuristic is also known for the vividness. Things that can overwhelm the mind. By:
Jennifer Aguirre
Maria Alvarez Mental Habits That Betray Us Availability Heuristic Critical thinking is a tool.
Critical thinking can work well in some occasions and not so well in others.
Remember to voice your critical questions as if you're curious.
It provides a basis for a partnership for action among the reasonable.
Critical thinking is a basis for the creation of identity and something to be proud of. Final Word We are pushed along by the force of the group's opinion.
To go along with the team or the club, is to get along.
They're the voices in our head whether we should or shouldn't.
The second obstacle to habitual critical thinking is our relative unwillingness to listen to others whether we like it or not. Cognition refers to the process of thinking.
This on of the critical thinking skills that betrays us the most because we tend to over-think everything. When anything is to happen in our lives we experience it directly and intensely
We trust in our own judgement and in our observations.
"Personal experience" is the belief of several practical errors.
Choice-supportive Bias is the habit we have when we look back on our choices, and what we could've done better. Believing something solely on the grounds that one wishes it were true.
What we wish to be true, we simply declare that it IS.
Staying in power because of the frequency of our denial patterns. Thank you!
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