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My Vocabulary of Thinking about Crafting

No description

Kendra Meza

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of My Vocabulary of Thinking about Crafting

My Vocabulary of Thinking about Crafting
Big Ideas
Crafting makes your life more colorful
It helps make personalize your stuff
Turns your old things into new things
Most importantly it makes things unique
Fabric make clothes, clutches, and many more things
Scrapbook paper makes any background fun
A hot glue gun is what any crafter needs to glue things together
Modge Podge not only acts like a glue, but it can seal in any projects
Glitter makes everything sparkle
Crafting Over Time
Kendra Meza #22
History 25, 2013
September 25, 3013


Academic Language
Relationships Over Time
Interdisciplinary Connections
Unanswered Questions
People make ads because they want to make customers buy the best quality craft supplies.
They can put limited edition stuff
Store managers always offer customers great deals for example at Michaels they offer 40% off.
You can take classes at Michaels for $50, afterwards you can buy all the supplies you need
Native American Weaving
Basic Crafting
Advanced sculpture
People keep on going on and off to duct tape stuff
I've noticed that more and more furniture crafting as been going on
Polymer clay charms were one of the most popular things to make
People are making more videos on ''How To," and they are pretty good videos
More Do It Yourself costumes
DIY phone cases
Duct tape items such as wallets
Hand sewing clothes
Glue Gun
Craft Blade
Duct tape
Be careful while using a hot glue gun
Be careful while using a craft blade
Be cautious when using a needle
Always clean up the mess you made
You enjoy yourself
Make wonderful things

Some people think it's boring
Only make crafts to make good money or rewards

The artist vs. the consumer
The crafter vs. the buyer
The judge vs. the artist
The store manger vs. the costumer
The picture of what your going to do vs. what it looks like when you make it
People start to get more interested in crafting
More and more people are buying duct tape, clay, paint etc.
Crafting is being more technical than manual such as sewing by hand or using sewing machine
People don't want to be paying for things, instead they want to make that thing they want to buy
Crafting can be related to art
Building such as when you make a sculpture
Sewing because you can do lots of sewing in crafting
Cooking because it is like putting lots ingredients together to make a masterpiece
Math because the measurements need to be exact.
Science because everyday you do experiments, same thing with crafting
How was sewing invented?
Why was crafting invented?
Who invented crafting?
What are the best craft supplies?
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