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The New Deal

No description

Michael Perez

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of The New Deal

The New Deal
Americans wanted the government to help. Congress passed laws that loaned money to banks and railroads,
but these laws did not improve the whole economy.
Many Americans still did not have jobs,
but the economy was improving. Since Roosevelt’s
presidency, the federal government has been a bigger
part of Americans’ lives.
What regulations did the New Deal make?
The New Deal made regulations to try to prevent another
depression. Federal bank regulations protect people’s savings
accounts. Another regulation protects workers by setting a
national minimum wage.
What was the purpose of the New Deal?

It was to provide assistance to millions of needy Americans, to improve the level of the economy, and to pass laws to get rid of poverty and unemployment. People called this the three R's, recovery, relief and reform.
Glass Steagall Act
- Passed by congress in 1933 & prohibits commercial bank from engaging in the investment buisiness.
Deficit Spending- The amount by which spending exceeds revenue over a part of a particular time.
Prohibition- In the US was a nationwide constitutional ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages.
Sharecroppers- A tentant farmer who gives a part of each as rent.

What was the outcome of the New Deal?
The New Deal was the start of something new. It was to provide something better for the American people. Something that President Hoover and the republicans failed to give. Roosevelt’s major work relief program, would employ more than 8.5 million people to build bridges, roads, public buildings, parks and airports.
During World War II, it had hundreds of new roads and public buildings, widespread electrical power, and replenished resources for industry.

Honestly to live in an era like that would suck. You're promised many things and nothing is given. Just excuses towards the matter. President Roosevelt made a change on the other hand. Not a big one but he fixed the economy by building rail roads and building roads for the streets. You could see that money was a big factor back in the day like it is today.
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