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Unit 3 Assessing Risk in Sport Assignment 3.3: Match day pro

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Nick Satterford-Lerner

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 3 Assessing Risk in Sport Assignment 3.3: Match day pro

Thanks for Watching
P4- Describe three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment.
Staff Training- this is a big factor in regards to incidents happening at sorts grounds, due to the fact that if your staff haven't got the proper training or qualifications, then the staff wont know what to do in an emergency, or handle crowds. Their drills will also be noon-effective, due to not being trained on specific items of kit and procedures and code words

First Aid-It is essential that there are first aid procedures in place to deal with a casualty effectively, professionally and quickly. this also comes up in our SOP's, that St Johns ambulance or other paramedics must be in attendance for all match days and both inside and outside events.

Risk Assessments- It is important to have these in place, so that the staff know the hazards that are liable to injure themselves or the public. The risk assessment folder is kept in the control room, so all staff know where it is, and can adhere to it, if needed. there are risk assessments for all occurrences on site.

M3- Explain three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment.

First Aid- No matter what, we always have St Johns or another ambulance service supporting us at match days and events. At matches, they are also positioned in every corner of the ground and in the first aid room. For events they normally have a tent or something like that.
Risk Assessments are put in place to make sure all of our bases are covered if an incident occurs, and so they club are not liable if the victims take the club to court. they are also there to aid us in the riskier parts of the job, like ejections or fire safety, to tell us if the situation is to risky to handle and we need emergency services, or if we can handle it ourselves, with just other stewards for back up.

P5 Produce a plan for the safe delivery of a selected sports activity and review the plan.
7:00- Safety officer arrives, does a thorough check of the ground and car park with deputy safety officer
10:00- Car park stewards arrive
12:30- Sign In
1:00-Safety brief given by safety and deputy safety officers
1:20- Stands are checked then cleared by stand supervisor
1:30- Turnstiles are opened, stewards are deployed outside to search and direct the public
1:45- Referees briefing on pitch with safety officer and tunnel officer
3:00- Match kicks off
3:45- Half time
4:00- Second half begins
4:45- Match ends- exit gates are fully opened, once stand is clear, another stand check is carried out. Paperwork is taken to the control room
5:00- Final briefing, and stewards are signed off
6:00- Safety officer leaves and ground is closed, unless there is a function

Plan Continued
Food and Drink- In regards to food and drink, the kiosks and bars are regularly inspected by the duty manager, in regards to cleanliness, hygiene and food handling. the staff are required to wash hands before handling food, but hairnets are not required.
Parking- we have a team of car parking staff, who deal with any incidents that may arise. they have to be careful not to '3-up' the cars, where the middle car is completely blocked in.
Here are a couple of YouTube clips in regard to stadium safety and security.
Unit 3 Assessing Risk in Sport Assignment 3.3: Match day procedures / Promotion of Safety within the industry
Nick Lerner
Information relating to Adams Park Security and Events
M4- Explain the plan for the safe delivery of a selected sports activity and review the plan.
This plan is put in place by the safety officers to counteract any incidents that may arise before, during or after the match has taken place. It is there to protect the players, officials and spectators, should any thing slip through the security net.
When you stand check, the procedure you follow is;
Seats and advertising hoardings are checked. Anything broken is noted down and reported to supervisor
Toilets are checked for people, air fresheners are turned on, taps check they work and toilets that they flush properly.
Pitch side hoardings are checked to make sure they are fitted securely
Catering staff check their area
Every member off staff is also on the lookout for anything unsafe and will report it if its not.
The referee inspects the pitch to deem it playable.
The echo officers check all fire equipment and position it where needed, and replaces and dudd, faulty or out of date equipment.
Staff Training- The training that the stewards, team leaders, supervisors and echo officers all differ to the type of job they have, as everyone has basic fire safety knowledge and first aid. the training you receive depends on your job. for example an orange coat gets basic stewarding skills taught to him, like radios, code words and gate operation.
What will I cover?
I will describe, explain and analyze the points below
Three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment.
A plan for the safe delivery of a selected sports activity and review the plan.

First Aid numbers
During a match day we have 10 first aiders on site, and during events we have upwards of 3, depending on how large the event is. Positions of the first aiders are that we have two in every corner of the ground and two in the first aid room at all times.
Other Agencies
On special occasions, we employ outside help, sometimes hindering us but sometimes helping us do our job more effectively. The outside help we employ are mainly the police for grudge matches or where were are expecting trouble, particularly, Oxford, Colchester and Bristol Rovers. they are also in attendance for the last home game of the season.
Review and debrief
At the end of every match and event, the safety officer will review the match/ event and debrief the team. he will focus solely on the good points and the areas for improvement. The importance of this is massive, in that we can learn from our mistakes, and have a better performance in the next match.

This is a plan of Adams Park. The full capacity of this stadium is 10,200.
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