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Orsolya Nemes Prezume

No description

Orsolya Nemes

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Orsolya Nemes Prezume

Subtitles don't work? Please search my full name on I designed and conducted
an internal 101
workshop for Concordia My presentations
were selected as
Top Presentation
of the Day on Orsolya Nemes +36 30 374 33 23 +43 680 221 26 72 if it's is not working, I'm in Austria and please call ors.nemes@gmail.com @orsnemes lific ygenpresentation 2006 outdoor assistant Ad Sidera movie script consultant Mikroszinkron 2007 rafting tour manager & guide Vizitigris 2008 training assistant & product manager Enetha Learning 2010 2011 museum pedagogy assistant Museum of Etnography 2011 consultant / trainer Concordia 2013 presentation designer Y Consulting visual communicator storyteller and hopefully soon My professional experiences Computer skills and I'm learning right now Hello. This is me. Beszélek I speak Ich spreche Minä puhun Je parlais un petit peu Studies in a nutshell Budapest Helsinki Königstein Sankt Angela Schule ELTE - English / Finnish / Teachers' Degree
Interpreter & Translator Course University of Helsinki 2004 2005 2008 What really turns me on professionally are presentations My personal
heroes are Steve Jobs Nancy Duarte
Garr Reynolds Chip & Dan Heath Chiara Ojeda
Alex Rister I to design presentations Check them
out on What's more... When reached
10M uploads, the team
selected their favorites and guess what such an honor! As a presenter I tried
and loved Pecha Kucha And co-founded the
Hungarian speaking I can facilitate
graphically Yup. I drew that. as an aerobics & stretching instructor I love to bike to work In my free time I work out I would be really excited
to travel to SF and do
what I'm good at & enjoy Let's talk. and to trek in beautiful
mountains I adore superteachers & bloggers Maglic, Montenegro we were up here orsnemes
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