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Global Premier Soccer - Who are we?

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Charlotte Phillips

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Global Premier Soccer - Who are we?

Staff Induction 2015
Who is Global Premier Soccer?
The mission of Global Premier Soccer is to be a leader in the development and growth of soccer across North America and beyond. We will establish an identity of excellence as we pursue our pathway to success on and off the field, with our primary focus being the development of players and people. 

We will develop players who can compete at the highest level of soccer throughout the world.

Mission Statement
Player Development Pyramid
GPS was founded in 2001
with a mission to establish a new
unique player development model
in the US to produce players
who can compete at the
highest level.
National Team Players
GPS has over 100 full-time coaches. Our staff are selected from a rigorous identification and training program in the UK and Ireland. Typically, coaches possess a minimum FA Level 2 coaching qualification and Bachelors Degree in Sports Coaching/Science/Management.
Success Stories
Global Premier Soccer
GPS has a philosophy and history of player development.

GPS has the resources and experience necessary to develop your existing programs.

GPS has had success by implementing an integrated system from an early age with a clear development pathway working with professionally licensed coaches and an age appropriate curriculum. This has resulted in an improved player development system and an appropriate development environment for all players.

A partnership with GPS can provide you with an analysis of your club operations and access to the professional support on and off the field to improve and develop your organization.
Key Elements to GPS Relationship
Examples of Recruiting Marketing Collateral
GPS Massachusettes GPS Maine
GPS Florida GPS New York
GPS New Hampshire GPS Rhode Island
GPS New Jersey GPS Vermont
GPS Carolina GPS Georgia
In 2014, Global Premier Soccer and FC Bayern Munich launched an extensive youth partnership that share the knowledge and expertise of FCB's notable Youth Academy with US youth soccer.

As part of the partnership, FC Bayern is committed to sharing youth development knowledge, including access to FCB coaches, curriculum, official uniforms and the principles and culture that has guided its world-renowned academy.

The co-operation will be an ongoing mutual exchange of knowledge and information with GPS staff having the opportunity to visit Munich and observe FC Bayern's Youth Academy.

It will also see FCD coaches visiting GPS affiliates to work with GPS players and staff with the aim of improving and aligning GPS's methods with those of FC Bayern.
Global Premier Soccer (GPS) has 10 affiliates, anchored by the headquarters in Massachusetts. Each affiliate produces players using the same development model that includes GPS Early Development Program, GPS Juniors, GPS Trainers and the GPS Premier Team Program.

GPS HQ provides back-office support in key administrative areas such as curriculum development and marketing, allowing each franchise to focus on developing players. All affiliates utilize a consistent curriculum methodology providing an age-appropriate method of learning at each stage of their development.
Coach Support
GPS affiliated coaches are provided with technical support from the dedicated GPS Technical Department via the Coach Resource Center.
Style and System of Play
GPS provides support in the development of a style and system of play for our partners.
For example;

Teams will play the 4-3-3 system with 2 of the 3 central midfielders being attack minded.

In the 8v8 game format, teams will adopt the 2-4-1 formation.
6v6 will see the 2-1-2 formation.


Professional Development
GPS provides a sustained professional development plan for all affiliated programs and coaches

On-line curriculum support using state of the art technology through CoachFX

Video & newsletter support GPS Technical Department

Coach Assessment and Communication systems and tools

Progressive Coaching Pathway
Global Premier Soccer has 6 years experience in running successful leagues and tournaments in multiple states. GPS was a co-founder of the New England Premiership (NEP), which is now the prominent Premier League in the Northeast. The NEP was established with a focus on supporting the player development happening at the top clubs in New England with minimum standards detailed for coaches, facilities and administrative support.

GPS operates over 25 tournaments including two major College Showcase events in the GPS Memorial Day Showcase and the GPS Thanksgiving Showcase. These events have been instrumental in providing numerous players with opportunities at some of the top colleges in the country. Both tournaments regularly host over 200 college coaches each.
Leagues and Tournaments
College Exposure
From College ID camps to nationally recognized tournaments, our ability to provide college showcase support for GPS affiliated players is unparalleled.

In conjunction with The Sport Source and their online platforms, GPS can connect to 5,800 institutions of higher learning. The GPS College Placement Program begins in a player’s freshman year in high school and includes seminars on the College application process and access to GPS college liaison officers. Our contacts and brand recognition in the college world are vital to our success in player placement at the collegiate level.

We can also offer exciting opportunities for student-athletes to pursue a college soccer career in Europe through a program called European College Soccer that can lead to European pro soccer opportunities.
GPS Foundation
The Challenge
Economically disadvantaged neighborhoods have not had access to premier soccer training services. This has contributed to lack of opportunities for inner-city soccer players
The Program
GPS has successfully launched programs in un-tapped soccer communities in every state we are active.
The Future
GPS develop inner-city initiatives with each of our club partners. Inner city locations have high appreciation and passion for soccer given large immigrant ties to soccer loving geographic regions.
Curriculum, Sports Performance, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Sports Psychology

Innovative training methodology like Soccer eyeQ which focuses on developing tactical awareness

Coach/Player/Parent Education training
The GPS / adidas partnership represents a comprehensive and collaborative relationship that provides a unique set of benefits.

The player development process outlined in the GPS curriculum affords adidas the ability to position GPS as one of the top talent producing clubs in the country and provides a platform on which national and international partnerships can be established.

Additionally, any and all partner or affiliate clubs of GPS are entitled to comprehensive support from the brand. This support covers both product, administrative and coaching needs.

Lastly, in conjunction with key club partners such as GPS, adidas is currently developing a holistic GA (generation adidas) program that expands the current footprint and evaluation process of the current GA program.
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